August is summer’s last “hoorah” and the transition into the fall season. For some of you it may be too early to even begin thinking of fall. For others it may be the perfect timing to start dreaming of cool crisp mornings, pumpkin spiced coffee and the sight of pumpkins on front porches everywhere.

Soon enough those long, sunny days and warm nights will be replaced with shorter, cooler days and even cooler nights. Fall is that in-between season where you can still enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the heat. It’s also the season that reminds us that change can be good and letting go is part of life (as cheesy as that may sound). With each new fall season I am reminded to relax and enjoy this season before one of the busiest times of the year begins… Christmas!

Although fall has its perks of cooler weather and pumpkin festivities it may be hard to get into the actual fall spirit. If you’re needing some ideas to help get you feeling all the fall vibes this season below are a few ideas to get you started.



One of the very first things I do to kick off the fall season is browse all the new fall/halloween home decor. As of right now (end of August) Home Goods, Marshalls, Michaels Craft Store, JOANN Fabric Store, Hobby Lobby and Target all started to put their fall home decor out on shelves. Doing this gives me new ideas and inspiration to decorate for the season. This year I picked up the cutest fall pillow from Michaels and some orange leaf garland.


Fall shopping leads me to my next thing to help you get into the fall mood… start decorating! Whether you like to change up your bedding to a more autumn color, put out all your fall themed decorative pillows or place faux pumpkins all around your house – decorating will definitely put you in the mood. For some people, August may be too early to decorate but I say “do you girl!” DO what makes you happy and don’t let anyone make you feel any different. I actually started decorating this week and it has changed my mood altogether. So give it a try! Even if its a little decor here and there until you feel ready to bring it all out.


There’s nothing like some freshly made pumpkin bread waiting for you on the kitchen counter. This time of year is my favorite to start baking all the fall things in my kitchen. Some of my recipes include; pumpkin bread, autumn squash soup, snicker-doodles, pumpkin spice crepes, pumpkin cheesecake swirl cupcakes/muffins and spice cake. If you have a minute to search “fall recipes” on Pinterest you will not be disappointed. Pinterest is my go-to for any kind of recipe I may be searching for. Put on your apron, tie your hair back, wash your hands and start baking some fall recipes in your kitchen!


Incorporating some warm fall tones like burnt orange, brown and deep reds are a great way to change up your wardrobe to reflect the upcoming season. Even if its still hot outside and the temperatures haven’t dropped enough to wear a sweater you can still get by with your color scheme. I always like to pair some ankle booties with a leopard dress and hat to make me feel a bit more dressed for the season. You can even incorporate these warm fall tones we see during this time of year with your nail polish. It’s always fun to change up my nail color with Essie’s Fall Collection colors each year.


Okay okay, you already know this but fall is the season of pumpkin spice OVERLOAD. Give in to the crazy a bit (if you actually like the taste or smell of pumpkin spice) and order some pumpkin spice things. Coffee mix, candles, cereal, waffle mix … you name it I bet you can find it on Amazon. It’s always fun to see what else the world can put pumpkin spice on haha!


If I am being brutally honest, I love books but I can never sit down long enough to finish one. Such a bad habit, I know! This year I plan on finishing one of my fall novels called, “The Rules of Magic” by Alice Hoffman. There is just something wonderful about reading a book set in the fall and the descriptive language the author uses to make you feel like you are right there is magical! May sound silly but book lovers will understand.


As of today, August 25, Starbucks has officially announced their popular drink – the pumpkin spice latte – is back on their menus and ready to serve. What better way to get into the fall mood than taking a trip to your local Starbucks and ordering a PSL? Not much in my opinion but it’s the little things for me that mean the most!


Last but NEVER least, cozy up and watch some of your favorite fall movies. I personally love watching Practical Magic because of the scenery and of course the spooky/halloween elements to it. Another favorite of mine (although it’s not a movie) rewatching Gilmore Girls is so good this time of year! A show that takes place in Connecticut (aka one of the best places for fall foliage) incorporates so many fall elements of the show with town gatherings and festivities. It always puts me in a good fall mood.

I hope these fun ideas help you get into the fall mood this season!

Thanks for reading!

Love always,