Hi and welcome to The Blonderella, a southern based life & style blog based in Alabama sharing a love for affordable fashion, travel, home decor and the holidays (come back here around fall/winter – you’re in for a treat). My name is Nickole Haymaker and my passion for blogging started in 2016 during my sophomore year of college. I wanted a creative outlet to express myself and document my life by naming it after my family nickname that my Dad always called me as a little girl… Blonderella. And so it all began!

However, my journey didn’t begin in the south. I was born and raised in southern California but with a deep growing love of the south I always knew I wanted to spread my wings and move away one day soon. I moved to Alabama for college, graduated from The University of Alabama with a bachelors degree in communications, worked in a PR agency for five years learning all the tricks of the trade… all while blogging on the side. Fast forward a few years, my life in the south was a huge change from California (all in the best ways) and now it’s my favorite place to call home in Birmingham, AL with my boyfriend Bobby and our pup Allie.

I am always finding ways to blend my west coast roots with some southern style and flare along the way. I’ve always considered myself a budget-friendly fashionista (splurging every once and a while) and love to share with everyone not just my sense of style but also my travels, home decor, personal life and so much more. I hope you will find inspiration in my site that will be helpful and relatable to you. There is nothing I love more than being able to share my favorite brands and things that bring me joy in my life with all of you. I hope you like what you see and stay a while!

As always,
Love Nickole

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