Some of the most questions y’all ask me is in regards to my career. For those that are new here, when I’m not blogging I have a full-time job at a public relations agency. From branding, social media, marketing & advertising, event planning and public relations – we really do it all at the agency I work for so I definitely have gotten to see how each aspect plays a part. I work on the creative team building websites, making graphics, curating photography and managing the digital/online presence for our clients. I love this industry and from the amount of curiosity from all of you I thought I’d give a little insight on what I do and what I’ve learned. Also, for anyone reading this that may be in college studying public relations/communications I hope this gives you a better understanding of what its all about!

  1. No day is the same
    Every day is different and every day you could be working on something totally new for a completely different client. It’s definitely not your typical 9 to 5 job. Some days you’re working on a magazine layout or writing social media content. Other days you could be directing a photo shoot or writing a press release. Depending on your skill set the possibilities are endless. You could also have variations in the types of client you work for – i.e. retail, food, economic development, non profit etc.
  2. You better know your grammar
    If there is one thing that you take away from this blog post, I hope this is it. Take it from a girl who is still (and constantly) working on perfecting her writing skills three years post grad. Writing is a part of the daily life in the world of public relations. Knowing how to write and how to write well is crucial. I’ll be honest and tell you that it doesn’t come naturally for me and there are many things I am still learning and make mistakes on. *Tip: brush up on all your college AP style quizzes!
  3. You get to be creative
    If you’re reading this and you’re not a creative person by nature don’t worry! Whether you’re a creative person or not PR is a very collaborative work environment and everyone helps pitch along their ideas. So don’t ever feel like your ideas are dumb because odds are it’ll help move the project along. Even if you’re not on the creative team, designing graphics or websites, believe me your input will always be welcomed and encouraged! Being creative goes beyond actually “creating” something. It could be coming up with a new social media grid design, a vision board or a new creative strategy. Think outside the box because that’s a necessity when working in public relations.
  4. Public relations is very rewarding
    Yes, you read that right! Helping out your local small businesses build their brands and watching them flourish is similar to what I would think teaching your child how to ride a bike for the first time is like. It’s a very humbling experience when you finish a project for a client and they are over the moon and satisfied with your work. It definitely makes you think, “this is more than just another job.”
  5. It’s not about the social events and parties
    Whoever started this rumor probably never actually worked in PR. We work hard, like seriously hard… We go above and beyond for our clients and are always there for them 24/7. It’s not as simple as posting an instagram pic or putting on a fundraising event. It’s about organic growth and building those personal relationships in and around your community. On the creative side of things, you will probably be making a ton of graphics, websites and collateral materials so staying on top of fresh ideas and trends is always top of mind.
  6. It’s not about “who you know”
    I hear this all the time from people who don’t work in the industry. Although, networking is a big part of public relations the majority of your colleagues will have extensive knowledge from higher levels of education and often times have a degree in communications or even a masters/APR. There are so many skill sets you must learn and master before being able to apply it in the real world that just going off of “who you know” won’t get you very far in the industry.

These may seem like basic tips, but so very often they are forgotten. If you’re pursuing a career in PR I hope these quick tips/myth busters help you to understand that it’s a rewarding and fulfilling job like no other. It takes hard work and dedication but being able to help business’ grow makes it all worth it in the end!

Feel free to leave me any comments below or message me! Let me know if you liked this post and want to see more like it!

Love always, Nickole


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