Valentine’s Day is the celebration of romance, love and affection. It’s the annual holiday where we see an abundance of roses and chocolates line the entrance of every general store. Its a day where some of us stay home watching romantic comedies or some of us go out with our loved one.


For me, Valentines Day wasn’t ever a big deal. Not because I didn’t have a boyfriend at the time or anything but just because I always felt loved by my family and friends year round, not just on this one day. And I think that is something that gets forgotten or lost on this holiday while we’re all buzz-ing around trying to find the perfect gift, outfit, flowers or venue etc. Love to me isn’t a day on a calendar when I get chocolates or flowers. Love to me isn’t expressed through a greeting card with the words “Be Mine” on it. Love to me isn’t something you can purchase at your local drug store for $5.99.

To me, love is simply being there. Being present. Showing you care, deeply and unconditionally. To me, love is being yourself around someone who brings the best out of you. There’s family love, romantic love, friend love, and most of all soul mate love. Love can be the sad feeling you get when your loved one is away on business and the realization that everything is so much better when you are together. Love means so many different things to everyone! Thats why its so amazing. Its not just a simple word we toss around everyday and say casually as we leave for work… “Bye! Love you!”. It has meaning. True meaning and for me love is magical. 

As a little girl my Dad would get me a sweet little gift on Valentines Day with a card and chocolates. I never expected a gift ever! But somehow he never let me feel left out on this romantic holiday. Mom always gets the coolest gifts from my Dad for Valentines day haha. I remember hearing that she always got a dozen roses sent to her job etc. However, one thing that I will always remember, (since I have a keepsake of all the notes my Dad has written me) is in his perfectly sharp ALL CAPS hand writing, he always wrote something along the lines of “To my boom, my forever valentine”. To me, these notes my Dad has written me through out the years is love. A symbol of our love, and that is something I’ll always treasure. Love can be an object that holds such great memories for you. Not just the materialistic things that the commercialized version of Valentine’s Day sells to us. 

Now, as I’m older and in a relationship Valentine’s Day still isn’t a big deal to me. Yes, I’d be lying if I said being in a relationships doesn’t change celebrating Valentine’s day at all. But it does, its a little more exciting to share with someone else. Not because you get each other gifts but for me it’s the smile my boyfriend gets when I give him something special. My boyfriend shows me he loves me each and everyday. No holiday required. He does sweet things like draw me a bath when I’ve had a rough day or even just simply kissing me on the forehead when I come home. He knows how to calm me down when things aren’t going the right way and he knows how to make me laugh so hard my abs hurt afterwards haha. Love to me, is us on Sunday mornings waking up without an alarm and me, rolling over to kiss him Good morning. Thats all I ask for. 

Life is crazy and full of many road blocks/hurdles. But having love and realizing that it is actually all around is powerful. Not just romantic “soul mate” love, but family love or friend love etc. We should all be the type of person who gives love and doesn’t require it in return. That’s what love means to me. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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