February, the month of love and romance is around the corner. Heart shaped candies, plush teddy bears and flowers… hundreds and hundreds of flowers all parade the entrance of any store you walk in for the next month. This holiday can be so hard to shop for your loved one especially if you want a gift to mean more than just candies, teddy bears and flowers. This Valentines Day Guide is here to help you pick out the perfect gift, what to wear and give you some date night ideas for this special holiday.

Gifts for Him & Her:

♥For Her:

If your girl likes beauty, bath or makeup products/kits she might like something from this list.

If your girl loves lists, home or stationary products she might like something from this list.

If your girl loves to be active and exercise she might like something from this list.

♥For Him:

If your guy likes grooming products he might like something from this list.

If your guy loves watching his favorite sports team on the weekends he might like something from this list.

If your guy likes tech & nerdy products he might like something from this list.

What to Wear: 

Click through Valentines Day dresses all under $50 and intimates. Whether you want to wear red, pink, black or white the best sales and styles are below.

Date Night Ideas:

  • For the “active” couple:

1. Go for a hike! Pack your backpacks with some granola bars and lots of water and go enjoy nature. No matter where you live you can find a short hiking trail that you and your babe can hike up and take those cute insta worthy couple pics with a city view in the background (bonus!).

2. Bike ride & a picnic! On a beautiful sunny day pack up a picnic box with both of your favorite snacks, get on those bikes and head to a quiet place where you both can sit and relax. Bonus if you bring a portable speaker to listen to some tunes!

3. Beach Day! Theres so many things to do at the beach than swimming or sitting around getting sunburned. Learn how to surf together, walk the pier, play beach volleyball, fly a kite or buy an $8 boogie board & glide the waves. 

  • For the “home body” couple:

1. Netflix and chill with a funny twist. Just feel like staying in but don’t want to end up bored watching the same old stuff on Netflix? Write a list of movies that have 1 star and watch them together. The movie is going to be really bad, you’ll be able to predict everything thats going to happen and the acting will be atrocious. However, it’ll make you two start laughing instantly and turn Netflix and chill night into something you’ll both enjoy. Example Movies:// Christian Mingle, The Pill, Beauty & the Briefcase and/or the Spirit of Christmas.

2. Game night! Break out those dusty board games you forgot about in your closet, pour yourselves a drink and keep score (so winner gets to pick next date night activity!). My boyfriend and I love to play scrabble, battleship, uno, trouble and family feud. Pick which games you two like best and rotate the game every other round. 

3. Movie theater night! We all know this one… but instead of just buying popcorn and watching a movie for 2 hours, go play a round of games at the movie theatre arcade. It adds a little bit of fun to the same old “Movie Night” date activity.

  • For the “always wanting to learn” couple:

1. Go to the zoo! Animals are seriously the cutest. Whats even cuter? You and your babe “ooh-ing” and “aw-ing” over the baby tigers, or being amazed by the ferocious lion. Learning facts about each others favorite animals along the way is fun too haha.

2. Head to a museum! If its art, history or science that you both enjoy then plan a day and go to your local museum to learn new things about the subjects you love. 

3. Dance class! Do you two love to move and break out dancing every time a good song comes on? Then why don’t you go take up a dance lesson. Even if you both end up looking like goofballs at least you’re doing it together and laughing about it. It’s about the memories you make after all.

4. Cooking class! Food is the fastest way to a mans heart haha so they say. Take a cooking class one weekend together and learn how to make your favorite dishes. Whether thats pasta (my favorite!) or homemade pizza, making a mess in the kitchen and tasting food while you’re doing it will be lots of fun. Bonus if you get to wear a cute chefs hat/apron and snap a quick pic of him in it!

  • For the “thrill seeking” couple:

1. Go-Kart Racing! Race him to the finish line and then do it all over again.

2. Ice-Skating! If you’re like me and have no idea how to skate, don’t worry he’ll hold your hand the entire way. Once you start to pick up speed and get the hang of it you’ll love it in no time (I’m still working that haha!). 

3. Paintball shooting! This is by far one of my favorite date ideas ever. Make sure you wear crappy clothes because you’re going to get messy! Get really into it and think of funny team names for each other. You’ll both have a blast getting each other hit and hiding behind the blockades. Believe me! I’ve done it.

4. Laser Tag! Just like paintball but less messy and a whole lotta fun.

5. Amusement Park! Go to your local amusement even if it only has 10 rides. So what? It’ll still be fun and it gets you two out of the house.


I hope this Valentine’s Day Guide is helpful to all you love birds out there! Comment below if you have any special plans for V-Day, I’d love to read them. Have a great time with friends or loved ones!

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