Since we moved into our new place Bobby and I have slowly started to finish up decorating every corner of our home. I wanted to show you all how we styled our bar cart before I change it up for fall/Halloween soon. We kept it simple showcasing some of our favorite beverages (Sexton Irish Whiskey & Buck Shack Chardonnay) and some of our favorite glasses like Bobby’s engraved whiskey glasses and my stemless wine glasses.

I also wanted to incorporate some books as a decor element since we love to collect them. Bobby has his old edition Vol. 2 “Practical Anatomy” book we found at an antique store in Washington and I have our fun zodiac sign books from Anthropologie. It’s been so fun to mix together the things we like in our new home. Lastly, I tied it together with some knick knacks like our wood/marble coasters, wine opener and a vase of flowers.

To decorate the area around it I added in a faux fur white fluffy rug and found the coolest COCKTAILS wall art/poster for the wall. I wanted it to be the center of attention/focal point so I hung a picture light for dramatic flare/effect. I think it tied it all together quite nicely!

Like I said we kept it pretty simple for the summer since the next season is coming up quick and we already have some fun ideas on how to transform it for Halloween!!


  1. Mix textures = Don’t be afraid to throw in some different colors/items – I have a mix of black, gold and glass!
  2. Stock up on your favorite liquor = Your liquor will act as another element of decor and will make it all come together seamlessly.
  3. Use basic equipment = Stop hiding your wine opener in the drawer! Use it and put it on display here. If you have a cool cocktail shaker you can use that too! We threw in our coasters and wine opener.
  4. Add different materials = Try adding things you wouldn’t necessarily think would work. For us that was books! We love collecting books so we always have a few unique ones laying around the house to display. A nice cocktail book would look great! You could also incorporate a faux bowl of lemons or vase with flowers.
  5. Don’t forget your glassware = There are so many options to choose from depending on the theme/aesthetic you are going for. Mugs, Champagne glasses, wine glasses, whisky glasses – the list goes on. Pick what you love and go from there!
  6. Decorate the surrounding area = A lot of people often forget that its not just the furniture piece that make a space but the things around it. Find pieces that compliment your bar cart – whether thats a beautiful art piece to hang on the wall above it, a gallery wall with family photos maybe or even a dramatic light fixture that hangs as the focal point. Whatever it is don’t forget to spruce up the area around your bar cart.

I hope you liked this easy bar cart styling post and a few styling tips that you can do yourself! I can’t wait to show you how we change it up a bit for the next holidays. Let us know your favorite drink of choice so we can try it next time and add it to our cart.