Candles are my little haven. They are an item at Target I almost never pass up buying. And I am not lying when I say I burn a candle at least once every other day in my home. They can lift up an entire room –  making it smell fresh and brand new again. They can make you feel cozy on a dark rainy day. They can even create a relaxing atmosphere after a busy day at work. Candles in my opinion just make a home feel whole.

Stack Candles collaborated with me to try their new summer scents and before I could even share with all of you I was halfway through burning one of their candles. Stack’s luxury candles are sophisticated fragrances created to bring beauty and peace into your hearts and homes. Enlightening your senses and inspiring your spirits, Stack fragrances call you away from the noise of life to a quiet place of rest. A place where your heart becomes still and silent. They are hand poured in Birmingham, Alabama (which I love! #supportsmall) using the finest essential oils, cotton wicks, and premium soy wax blends.

Their attention to detail and minimalistic design really caught me eye. I love how their style is very modern using neutral tons and clean lines –  which in hindsight would go with any home decor style (an added bonus in my opinion). Stack’s mission is also something I found endearing since it is something I think we all try our best to work on everyday. Their mission and purpose in creating these luxurious fragrances is for you to stop, breathe and give thanks for all you have been blessed with today. They focus on gratitude and beginning each day with a grateful heart.

I got to try three of their most popular scents: Alabama Seagrass, True Bamboo and Cashmere. Of the three my favorite scents were cashmere and true bamboo. Cashmere is a blend of lavender, cedarwood, coffee, vanilla and patchouli while true bamboo is a blend of crushed clove, bamboo leaves, jasmine, blonde woods, oak moss and teak. I also tried their white linen scented room spray and laundry detergent which made my clothes smell so amazing and lasted a while. My candles lasted for 3 weeks and I am someone who always burns a candle a few times a week. I have been  loving  these scents and can’t wait to try their next seasonal scents! From their beautiful packaging to their message of gratitude – Stack Candles have made me feel cozy in my home.

Use my code: Blonderella20 for 20% off and try a candle or two!