These past few weeks being at home quarantined from the Coronavirus have been very different. It’s been hard to find a new normal for everyone. Although there is so much negativity, panic and fear circling us everyday as we continue to get through this pandemic I believe its important to continue doing what we love (just at home) to keep us all sane. It’s been a struggle for me personally to figure out what kind of content you all would like for me to share during this hard time. The majority of you voted and shared your opinions with me about seeing less of our worldly struggles and finding escape in things like fashion or everyday blog posts. So that is what I’m going to try to do here on my platform for all of you. Hopefully as I continue to share my content it brings you joy during this uncertain time.

With that being said – I mixed up some outfit inspiration looks for when we all get out of this quarantine! Just hit me up ladies and we can have a virtual happy hour together haha! I love to mix up outfits with the same pieces to create different looks. Not only are you reusing what you already have but it also helps you look at your clothes for all kinds of occasions not just for one use. For this post I chose to style a satin maxi pink skirt (one of my favorites) into three different looks for three different occasions. This skirt can be worn during the summer or fall, and date night or a casual day out. Dressed up or dressed down you will find many ways to wear a skirt like this! Take a look below at how I styled it and let me know which one is your favorite in the comments.

So which way would you rock this pink skirt once we get out of quarantine?
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The Casual Outing Look:

While the weather starts warming up you can wear this skirt with a graphic tee, sneakers and a sun hat to complete the look. For a more cropped t-shirt look, I just tied the end of my shirt in a knot and threw a back-pack on my shoulder. Ready to go!


The Date-Night Look:

This was so easy to spruce up for the night! Just throw on some cute strappy heels, a sexy lace cami (wear a print to make the outfit pop like leopard or snakeskin) and a jacket. To add a little something extra I added some statement earrings to spice up the look for date night.


Spring Transition Look:

Still semi-cold where you live? No worries, pair this skirt with a cute pair of boots and a chunky sweater. To show a little leg I just tied my skirt on the side into a knot to give it a hemmed look.


Comment below which style is your favorite! Also, let me know if you liked this post and want to see more like it!

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