The countdown to Ireland is officially in the “teens” and I couldn’t be more excited! Just 15 days away and I started finalizing all the things I’m packing for our trip. For this trip I tried to be very strategic about my clothing and shoes because as you know Ireland is very rainy, wet and cold at times and even though were going in the summer the weather is still a bit unpredictable. I stuck to one common theme for this trip and that was classic pieces that I can mix and match throughout our 10 days. There’s lots of stripes, rain coats, some florals and yes (as you can tell) I like to stick to a color pattern too. 

I always love to outfit plan for every trip I go on because it reduces my anxiety and stress. That might sound silly to you but I am a very “Type A” personality and having order/a plan in place helps me overcome the “freaking out” stage of traveling like if I forgot something or an outfit doesn’t look right etc. I also like to research each location I’m at throughout my trip to plan outfits to go along with the scenery for picture taking purposes. #DoitForTheGram haha. But honestly, these little tips have helped me tremendously and as the days get nearer I’m less stressed because I have planned everything down to a T. 

However, one major concern is the weather. Based on my weather search the average temps are around 60 degrees during the day which for me is a bit chilly. But in recent days the temps have been rising so as I get closer I may have to pack a summer dress or two just in case. I was surprised that so many of you voted ‘YES’ to see my packing list for Ireland on my Instagram stories. I’m glad you all participated because I love writing blog posts that you all want to see.

So I thought it would be helpful if I shared some of the key pieces I’m bringing and I’ll follow up after the trip to share what exactly I ended up wearing or wish I would have brought.

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