As the calendar flips to a brand new year, it’s the perfect time to bid farewell to the remnants of the holiday season and embark on a much-needed home refresh. After the whirlwind of holiday decorations and family gatherings all season long, I always feel it’s time to restore our home to a state of calm and serenity. I am diving into each corner of our home, from the living room to the front entryway, bedroom, kitchen/dining area, and office, discussing how we declutter and freshen up our decor for the new year. By revamping these key spaces, I hope to create a clean and welcoming environment that sets the stage for a year filled with productivity, relaxation and endless inspiration in our home.

LIVING ROOM: In our living room, we stayed true to our transitional home decor style – combining elements of classic elegance with contemporary touches. To elevate the space, I accessorized with my curated coffee table book collection, adding a sense of sophistication and personality. Our tapered candles provide a warm and intimate ambiance, perfect for cozy evenings in. And for a fun and refreshing twist, our new favorite party trick involves swapping out the artwork on our TV screen, allowing us to infuse the room with fresh inspiration and a renewed sense of creativity for the new year. We have been finding amazing vintage oil paintings to display on our screen from Youtube.


ENTRYWAY: As the entryway sets the tone for our home, we wanted it to be an inviting space for our guests. Embracing our love for a woodsy vibe, we carefully curated the decor to reflect that concept. The tall tree artwork serves as a focal point, while the antlers and deer/woodsy scene within the terrarium add a touch of rustic charm, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere from the moment visitors step through our front door.


OFFICE: Tucked away behind the living room is my office space which serves as my designated sanctuary for creativity and productivity. Maintaining a transitional style to seamlessly flow with the adjacent living room, I still wanted to incorporate feminine touches throughout with the use of gold accent picture frames and a vintage lamp. But I will say, the highlight of my office is undoubtedly my swivel chair, which combines both style and comfort, emphasizing the importance of investing in comfortable seating for any productive workspace.


KITCHEN/DINING AREA: To balance out the darker tones in our living room, I aimed to add softer touches in our kitchen and dining area. As this part of the house receives the least natural light, I focused on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. With flowery vases adorning the dish cabinet, white dishes on display, and a versatile linen tablecloth that suits any season, we transformed our dining area into a serene and welcoming space where we love to spend time together.


BEDROOM: In our bedroom, we embraced a laid-back style that merges transitional elements with a touch of Western charm. This cozy sanctuary is where we love to unwind and snuggle up, so we focused on creating a space that exudes comfort. By incorporating vibrant colors and layering various blankets and pillows, we achieved the ultimate cozy vibes, turning our bedroom into a haven of relaxation and warmth.


As we say goodbye to the holiday rush and get into the new year refresh, it feels so good to declutter, freshen up our decor and create a serene environment for the year ahead. Stay tuned for more inspiring home decor posts in the future as I continue to embark on new design adventures and share our love for creating beautiful and welcoming spaces.

xo, Nickole