IMG_0134Mother’s Day is just around the corner, (May 13th to be exact) which means you need to start planning something special now for that amazing woman in your life. Mother’s Day is a celebration of honoring the mother in a family. But digging deeper than that, it is the celebration of motherhood, maternal bonding and the influence mothers have in society. 

My mom and I are extremely close. I call her at least once a day and we talk for hours haha. She helps me through my biggest problems and is my closest confidant. She does so much for me and all my siblings that most of the time I don’t know how she does it. She definitely has some kind of super powers for sure! 

Mother’s Day is a special celebration and doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to please mom. It’s all about spending quality time with her. Whether she likes to stay in and watch movies or go out and hang at the beach there are so many great ideas and activities I’ve come up with to ensure you make this year the best Mother’s Day yet!


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Depending on what your mom loves/needs the most, I put together a variety of different options above. The first category ranges from handbags and shoes. The second category ranges from sleep ware to self-care like moisturizers and bath products. The third category ranges from home decor to kitchen ware. Hopefully you can toggle through my selections above and find something your mom will love!


  1. Surprise your mom with a beautiful picnic set up at her favorite park filled with homemade sandwiches, lemonade and macaroons depending on what she likes. You can pull inspiration to create this by viewing my picnic set up here.
  2. Check your local gardens to see if there are any mother’s day events going on. A strawberry field, lavender field or even rose garden will make her day!
  3. Pre-order that new movie she’s been dying to see and have a movie night. Cook her dinner for a change and let her relax while you make her something special. She’ll love to see that you’ve learned things she taught you in the kitchen.
  4. Check your local “Paint Night” studios and schedule a paint session with your mom. You get to select what you want to learn to paint and theres usually wine involved!! 
  5. Make her breakfast in bed! Waffles? Pancakes? Bagels? Whatever she loves, surprise her in the morning with some yummy food and a cute display on a food tray.
  6. Take her on a scenic road trip in your area. Whether you live by the beach, the countryside or the mountains find a trial or route to drive on and play her favorite tunes as you gaze through your window at natures beauty.
  7. Visit a farmers market with her. She’ll love picking out fresh flowers and fruit for the day.
  8. Schedule a massage together and have a spa day! You can even get your nails done too.
  9. Take a cooking class together, you can check your local Williams-Sonoma store and see what dates and events they have coming up.
  10. Visit a winery! If you live somewhere with a lot of wineries this is always a fun and special idea.


Overall, whatever you choose to do with your mom I’m sure it will be a special day filled with love and laughter. I hope this post helped you out and gave you some ideas!


Thanks for reading!

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