“Happy Fat Tuesday aka regular Tuesday to everyone who doesn’t live in the south!”

I love that quote because coming from California, Mardi Gras isn’t something we partake in. Mardi Gras is an age old southern tradition that started in the 1700’s in Mobile, Alabama not New Orleans, Louisiana. Its a fun and festive holiday filled with parades, balls, costume wearing and overall debauchery. 

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I celebrated the holiday in Mobile touring the Mobile Mardi Gras Museum, catching beads during the many different parades and getting dressed up in costume for night time events. Locals taught me how to say “Laissez les bon temp rouler” which is French for “let the good times roll”!

Walking up and down Dauphin St. was an adventure on its own. Green, yellow and purple beads were hung everywhere along with flags and string lights from building to building. Celebrating Mardi Gras in Mobile is definitely something everyone should experience if they get the chance. To learn more check out the cities Instagram pages @cityofmobileal and @visitmobileal.





Shirt: Nordstrom (Sold out) try these inexpensive ones Charlotte RusseWindsorGAP // Jeans: Madewell (mine are the cut-out version which aren’t available online) // Shoes: Nordstrom //