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Todays post is a little different. Think of it as a letter from me to you. In a poll on my insta stories I asked if you guys would like if I wrote more personal blog posts so here is my first one! 

“Life Lately”… gosh that sounds daunting haha. It has been a crazy month indeed. I’m a little nervous opening up to you guys since I don’t really share all the aspects of my life on here. Life isn’t perfect but I have always chosen to put out the happy moments over the bad ones for you all. Because I feel at the end of the day we all have our own problems to sort out so why would someone want to read about mine?

But, like I said you guys voted for this haha! Anyways, I’m glad I’m writing this personal post to you, to give you all a glimpse inside my life apart from the “perfect world” I put out on my Instagram feed. This month started off with a high coming back from my Ireland trip with Bobby. However, I faded into a sort of grey cloud once I got home because 1. I had to leave my boyfriend behind as he went away to school (extremely sad) 2. Our trip was so amazing I didn’t want it to end and 3. ‘Reality’ was in fact waiting for me once I got off the airplane. 

As you may know I graduated from the University of Alabama with a bachelors in communication in May and this summer I was on full job hunting mode. But it was tough. I mean real tough. I don’t even know exactly how many applications I sent out and emails/phone calls I made to companies I wanted to work for. Some would reply while others just ignored. It was frustrating and it makes you feel like crap, honestly. So this last month of summer, August, made me feel like I was falling behind & failing at life since I had hoped I would have a job by then. I realized though that these feelings are apart of the job hunt. Getting rejected sucks but its apart of life and everyone has to go through it in order to find that perfect fit for them. Thankfully, I kept my head up and a company I’ve been dying to work for since I found out about them back in college, gave me an interview. I won’t disclose the company here for obvious reasons but I was so excited and its a place where I knew I could share all my creative skills with. Anyways, the interview went great and they offered me a job! So now I’m officially employed as a P.R. Girl (Public Relations) haha woo! Bring out the champagne!

Besides the stress of job hunting, being away from Bobby has been hard. He’s in grad/med school right now so we don’t get to see much of each other and at times its been hard on me. Hard in the sense that when something funny happened to me that day or a beautiful moment like watching the sunset over Mobile Bay I always felt sad because I wish we were together so I could share these things with him. However, thats apart of loving someone so deeply right? That their absence has an effect on you.

It’s just a weird feeling going from seeing someone everyday to not seeing them for months at a time. But, we know that this is only temporary, thank god, and we will be together very soon!!! Cant wait! It helps too that we know the importance of communication/talking or face timing everyday. We even make each other little care package boxes, just because! It’s fun to buy or make your loved one things and send to them. Currently, I’m sewing together a Star Wars Halloween blanket for him which he’s super excited about! But like I said you know the love is real when someones absence has an effect on your entire being.

Meanwhile the rest of the month I went a little into overdrive and jumped way too early into fall! As you can probably tell on my insta stories and the photos I’ve been posting I’m ready for cooler weather and I could not be happier that August is over and September is finally here. Therefore lets jump into my Instagram Round-up for August!

Instagram Round-Up

I try to post and create new content for you guys at least every other day. So this month I posted 18 times. Below are the ‘behind the scenes’ on some of my posts from this month on IG! You can shop all my outfits in my posts by clicking here!


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August 3rd: It was the first day in forever that the temperature cooled down to about 78 degrees because it rained all day! So why not go out and do a photo shoot right? haha. Thats how we were able to capture this fall-esque image because the dark sky made the perfect cozy day and I was able to get away with wearing a sweater. Click here for the blog post on this photo.



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August 6th: I was in the middle of a Harry Potter shoot for Sept. 1st aka Harry Potter Anniversary and we captured this candid moment of me looking through my camera lens. I love to show my followers me behind the camera for a change because thats not always the case.




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August 14th: I’ve always loved taking pictures of beautiful homes and I have always appreciated different kinds of architecture. So for my Instagram feed I like to throw in a picture or two like this. I found this adorable red barn farm house just down the street from my house and I was able to capture a quick pic on my iPhone since I didn’t have my camera with me.



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August 15th: As I said before I’m so ready for fall/halloween and to my surprise stores like Hobby Lobby, Target, Michaels and TJ Maxx began to put out their fall decor in mid-August. So we took a quick pic and it captured my excitement perfectly. 



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August 16th: I love going on bike rides and this was a cooler day than most. I also have been wanting to do a bike ride shoot for a while so it worked out and I found a shaded area in my neighborhood to take the pics. The shade worked to our benefit and gave the photo that warmer undertone look which I love!



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August 19th: This picture was taken a while ago when I was at Disney World but I had just wrote a blog post all about the Halloween Party at Disney and I thought this photo was perfect for promoting my travel guide. You can read it here. Surprisingly enough this photo was taken on my iPhone and I just happened to walk by this part of the park and snapped a quick pic before tourist got in the way.



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August 20th: This shot is for an upcoming blog post for September as part of my next Fall Look Book series but I decided to post this close up shot on our porch as a sneak peak. It was super casual, I mean my hair was up in a bun and I have my eye glasses on which I rarely share because I don’t think they’re cute but I do wear them! 



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August 21st: Agh I love this shot! Along with pictures of myself and buildings/houses as I mentioned above I like to post throwbacks as well. I think having a mixture of different posts helps tell a story and capture the eye. Because if all of your photos are the same sort of pictures it tends to get boring. So I posted this throwback picture of my trip in Ireland. This red door was in Dublin and I just happened to be walking by when I saw it. Read my Ireland Travel Guide here.



IMG_7762August 23rd: Okay, funny story. I took this picture to showcase my new pillows from Pier 1 Imports because I have been waiting a year in the hopes that they would restock these adorable puppy halloween pillows from last year. Last year I saw them in the store and I only bough one which I immediately regretted not buying the set. Unfortunately, when i went back to the store they were all sold out. So this year I made sure to keep an eye out for them! I posted this photo because 1. I was so excited and love how cute they are and 2. I wanted to share my findings with all of you. Sometimes the reason behind posting a photo is as simple as that haha.


Processed with VSCO with m5 presetAugust 27th: I took a few days off here from posting because this was the time when I found out about my new job so I was very busy and also celebrating haha. But this picture was captured down by the river overlooking Mobile Bay. My mom and I decided to go down there one afternoon because we hadn’t been yet and it turned into us watching the sunset and taking pictures. It was a beautiful evening. Until we were told it was a private pier … haha oops!


IMG_8219August 28th: Another post from my first fall look book series of the season! When planning out my Instagram posting schedule I try to keep up with holidays and events and so with this picture it worked out perfectly because 1. I’m holding a Starbucks cup and 2. this day was the day Starbucks released their Pumpkin Spice Latte for the season haha. Sounds silly I know but I like to keep a theme with my feed. You can check out the blog post on it here.


IMG_8282August 31st: Then finally the last picture of the month! It coincided with college football weekend so I decided to post a football picture to show my excitement for the season! Also, this is a bit nostalgic for me since this is the first season I’ll be cheering on my college as an Alumni. The shirt I’m wearing is an SEC shirt which is what football conference my college team is in. Lets hope for another Championship win Alabama! Roll Tide! You can check out this game-day look here.



I hope you guys liked my FIRST EVER “Life Lately” post and that I gave you some insight into my Instagram life. This is my first time being completely vulnerable to you all about my life and what has been going on recently so I hope it was informative and shows you that life isn’t perfect. We have to work on ourselves everyday and all though we may see all the beautiful pictures on Instagram just know that we all have problems and issues we are dealing with.

Have a great September! 



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