Mobile is a photographer’s playground and there are endless opportunities for photo taking adventures. From the Mobile Bay to downtown Dauphin St. and historic districts to southern mansions, there’s no doubt you will use up all your camera memory in this “Azalea City”.

This quickly growing city is full of great places to explore, live music, southern cuisine, the iconic USS Battleship and so many murals. Rich in history and tradition, Mobile has been around since 1702 and offers the quintessential southern charm feeling to locals and tourists. Located only 30 minutes from the gulf, this coastal port town is the perfect vacation spot for families and/or young adults. But with vacation comes sight seeing, exploring and taking pictures of everything to remember. If you love to take pictures and get THE Instagram shot I rounded up some of my favorite spots for a good photo-op in Mobile, Alabama.

  • 1. The Mobile Mural: located downtown on the corner of Dauphin and S. Warren St.

    Your first photo opportunity in this city should be at the MOBILE Mural. Freshly painted during the month of February 2019, it has been a show stopper for all who see it and walk by. It’s also perfectly located downtown by some pretty good restaurants like The Post and Five Bar (some of my favorite spots).

    The Mobile Mural

  • 2. NOVA Espresso: 306 Saint Anthony St.

    This spot is perfect for multi-tasking… getting an instagram shot and a delicious cup of coffee. Nova Espresso is one of the new, trendy and cool coffee shops in Mobile and it does not disappoint. Their courtyard outside is the cutest set up to enjoy a hot beverage and their “NOVA” logo/mural on the side of the building is super cool and unique! 

    NOVA Espresso Coffee Shop

    NOVA Espresso Coffee Shop

  • 3. Cooper Riverside Park: 101 N Water St.

    If you want beautiful views of the city and the bay this is the place to be. Nestled on the edge of downtown this park is right next to the water and the Gulf Quest Maritime Museum where you can tour the facility and learn more about Mobile’s port history. It’s the perfect back drop for a nice stroll along the waterfront or to marvel at the outdoor art installations/sculptures. A lot of city events are held here too like the Mobile River Food and Music Festival.

    Cooper Riverside Park

    Cooper Riverside Park

  • 4. Saenger Theatre: 6 S Joachim St.

    Flashy lights and old Hollywood charm? I’m all in. Mobile’s Saenger Theatre is the place to be for some amazing performances and concerts. Seeing your favorite band perform here? Awesome! Don’t forget to take a picture outside with the shimmery gold sign in the back. This iconic spot has been a part of Mobile since 1927 and continues to house some of the best performers, acts, ballets and musicals throughout the years.

    Saenger Theatre

  • 5. Bienville Square: 151 St. Francis

    In the center of downtown lives Bienville Square which has been used for events, popups and until recent the lighting of the annual Christmas Tree ceremony. I love taking walks through this park with the abundance of trees, squirrels running about and occasionally live music. In the middle of this downtown park is the Bienville Square fountain and a beautiful gazebo. I especially love this spot to take a good photo at because through the trees you can see Mobile’s tall buildings peaking through. It is a very serene setting and right down the street from one of my favorite restaurants The Noble South. So if you find yourself having dinner downtown then add “taking a stroll through Bienville Square” to your itinerary afterwards.

    Bienville Square

  • 6. Dauphin St.: the corner of Joachim and Dauphin St. (downtown)

    Every city has one… the “strip”, as I like to call it. Mobile’s downtown strip is along Dauphin St. with amazing restaurants, bars, shops and live entertainment. On the weekends there is always something going on and during Mardi Gras season the parade route goes right by. The “iconic” picture most people take is with the tall modern buildings in the back and the smaller historic buildings in the front on the strip. Every time I see this scene it feels like time travel because you’re looking at the new through the old. If you’re in this area and want to try something new head to Wet Willies for some delicious daiquiris, the “Call A Cab” is my favorite!

    Dauphin, St.

  • 7. The Heart Mural: the corner of Conti St. and S Joachim St. 

    If you haven’t noticed the trend yet, Mobile has a lot of murals throughout downtown. We love art and love seeing it across our city. This mural in particular is on the side of the BackFlash Antiques building. BackFlash Antiques is a very cool, retro store that sells antiques, vinyls and vintage clothing. I have found some pretty unique costumes to wear for Halloween there over the years and magazine clippings. The mural is of two hands coming together to make a heart. It is very colorful and brings so much life to Mobile, anytime I walk by it I always see someone getting a photo in front of it.

  • 8. Avenue of the Oaks: Springhill College

    Just shy of downtown Mobile, the Avenue of the Oaks can be found in west Mobile at the Spring Hill College. The long road of humungous oak trees are like a scene from a romantic movie. Tons of wedding ceremonies have taken place on this beautiful avenue along with graduation events as well. It truly is awe-inspiring and will take your breath away. If you drive to the end of the road you will see the cutest white southern home and a parking lot. I always think this is one place that’s forgotten about from the normal touristy things to do/see in Mobile.

    Avenue of the Oaks

  • 9. Bragg-Mitchell Mansion: 1906 Spring Hill Avenue

    As you can imagine, there is no shortage of immaculate southern mansions here in the south. The Bragg-Mitchell Mansion is one of them and nestled on a beautiful lot of land with huge magnolia trees and azaleas. This mansion is open for daily home tours and is a very popular wedding venue. The exterior alone makes my jaw drop and I love getting a fun photo in front of this 1855 mansion.

    Bragg-Mitchell Mansion

    Bragg-Mitchell Mansion

  • 10. The Fort Conde: 165 Emanuel St.

    I discovered this charming little area when I first visited Mobile and stayed at the Fort Conde Inn. Right next to the Fort of Colonial Mobile is the Conde Charlotte Museum and a little neighborhood of the cutest row of southern homes. This is also a very popular place for wedding venues and has amazing views of the city. I’m not sure what it is about this little street but it is so charming and cute I always end up taking pictures here and touring the museum and fort.

    Fort Conde Inn

    Fort Conde

I’m sure there are many more places to get some Instagram worthy pictures but for now these are my favorite ones! I hope this guide is helpful to you while you explore our beautiful Azalea City! Tag me in your photos because I’d love to see the unique ways you capture the essence that is Mobile, AL.

Love always, Nickole

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