Just a few more hours until I’m off to Iceland braving the cold and gazing at the northern lights! This Iceland packing list was highly requested by you guys on my Instagram stories so I finally put together everything I’m bringing and some new things I bought for this trip. We’ll be in Iceland the first week of December and as of right now the weather is between a chilling 25-30° temperature. PS: Incase you’re wondering why on earth did I pack a swimsuit? Iceland is actually known for their many geothermal hot springs, pools and spa’s which we will be going to a few during our trip like the Blue Lagoon. Therefore, a bathing suit is necessary. Keep reading below some of my favorite items I purchased for this trip. *I’ll be updating this list after our trip on how all my items worked or didn’t worked in the snow cold weather. 

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Out of the all the new things I bought for my trip my favorite items are the snow pants, fleece lined leggings and my dupe Sorel snow boots. They are so warm and cozy I will wear them even when I’m not in Iceland anymore haha. The fleece lined leggings come in three colors (navy, grey and black) and I bought two pairs: black and grey. They are seamless and high waisted which I love! You can shop the leggings above or click here.

Meanwhile, the fleece lined snow pants I found on Amazon for a reasonable price and they fit very well. I ordered a size XS. I knew I needed snow pants for this trip because well it snows in Iceland! Although I have the fleece lined leggings I wanted to make sure I had snow resistant pants so I don’t get wet in the snow. You can shop the snow pants above or click here.

Lastly, I found the cutest pair of snow boots that look like a dupe of the popular $200 Sorel winter boots (found here). However, I wasn’t in the market for a $200 pair of boots so luckily I found these dupes and I’m obsessed with them. They are equally warm on the inside and snow/rain resistant on the outside for less than half the price of the original Sorel boots. You can shop these snow boots above or click here.

Travel Health Hacks

Traveling for the holidays? Read my tips below to avoid getting sick on the way to your destination.

Before you board that plane consider these 3 simple tips to keep you sniffle-free this holiday season.

  1. Eat healthy and get enough sleep before your trip: Start building up your immune system now with proper foods and a good nights rest before you get on that plane. Besides, building a healthy immune system not only benefits you when you travel but also during the winter flu season which goes around a lot during this time of year. I always make sure I drink a lot of water before and during my flights. I also love to get fruit smoothies on the way or even at the airport concession stands. I’ll even eat a fresh banana while I’m waiting to board. Days before my flight however, I start chewing on airborne or Emergen-C packs you can find at your local drug store. These little chewable’s are packed with vitamin C which helps keep your immune system strong and healthy.
  2. Be the germ police: Before you step into that airport, on that train or bus station think of these public places like emergency rooms. You are in a crowded environment surrounded by numerous people with varying degrees of health. For the most part I’m talking about colds, flu’s, sinus congestions etc. but still I wouldn’t want to catch any of those right before my trip. Use wipes and hand sanitizer religiously! Try to not even touch your face or put your fingers in the mouth because you have no idea what could be on them. Also, wear a scarf to prevent any viruses from getting into your respiratory tract. 
  3. Wash your hands and change clothes after your trip: My mother has always told us this as kids but every time we got home from he airport it was clothes off and straight into the shower! She had a point and knew what she was doing when we were little haha. It turns out that your clothes can pick up microbes from being in public and who knows how long those microbes can stay on your clothes. So its best to change your clothes when you get home. In addition, wash your hands every chance you get and I’m not talking about a 5 second rinse. Scrub, use a lot of soap and sing the alphabet! Odds are if you don’t wash your hands properly you are at risk of picking up microbes of the flu, staph, or respiratory viruses. 

Thanks for reading, stay healthy and safe travels this holiday season!