Hitting the roads for the holidays? I’ve compiled a bunch of tips to help you and your family stay stress free while driving up to Grandma’s. 

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile I’ve got you covered on what to bring and do during your journey.

What to bring: 

For those long car rides or plane trips these are some things I bring to help me out.

  • Stay Cozy: I find that most of the time, families forget about being comfortable on their long holiday trips to see loved ones. Neck pillows, eye masks and plush blankets will help you stay comfortable on those tight plane seats and bumpy car rides. Being comfortable wherever you’re going is half the battle, I say. You don’t want to arrive at your location exhausted and grumpy. So don’t forget to pack one of the items linked below and catch a quick snooze on the way.
  • Sick no more: If you’re the type of person that gets motion sickness a lot whether its boat, in the car or on a plane I’ve found for myself these motion sickness wrist-bands (linked below) that have really helped out over the years. You can find them at any drug store and only need to wear them during your journey. They go on your wrist and have a small ball attached that goes in-between a pressure point on your wrist. It is the alternative from taking pills for nausea relief that is a more natural choice. The science behind it is that the tiny round ball acts as an acupressure to stimulate the P6 acupuncture point. This point is located about two finger-widths from the crease on the underside of the wrist. Stimulation this pressure point is believed to stop nausea and vomiting. Since I’ve started using them, they’ve done just that. So try them out your next trip (linked below along with some soothing essential oils).

  • Healthy Snacks: I know, I know… its so hard not to buy junk food (mmm Doritos haha) for your long trips but trust me if you buy more healthier options you’ll feel better after sitting in that car for hours getting to your destination. Linked below are some of my healthy favorites.

          – Try these (clickable links) =Snap Peas (my favorites!!),Salted Cashews (or the honey-rousted kind… so good!),Chocolate covered almonds (another fav of mine),trail mix (always get the ones with M&M’s haha), Peanut butter pretzels (I could eat so many of these),hummus & cracker packetscarrots & ranch packets, and can’t forget theNutella sticks.

  • Stay Entertained: The radio only lasts for so long, I know. Instead bring a portable dvd players, a book or magazine or take in the scenery around you (if your drive is pretty). Below are some of my favorites reads, coloring books and journals.

  • Christmas Tunes: Of course, no holiday trip is complete without the ultimate Christmas playlist. I’ve linked below my Spotify Christmas Playlist for you and your family to sing along too.

I hope this lists help you and your family out during these busy holiday travel dates. It’s important to keep a calm mind and don’t over work yourself. Traveling can be stressful but it shouldn’t have to be as long as we stay calm and positive. 

Happy Holidays everyone and safe travels!

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