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Can you believe it? There is only six days left until Black Friday and all the craziness begins ha ha! This holiday gift guide is all about the GUYS… boyfriends, husbands, fiancés etc. Personally, shopping for my boyfriend is my favorite thing to do! He’s so fun to shop for and I love to see his smile on his face when he opens my gifts. Making this gift guide was pretty easy because I added some things on there that Bobby already has/loves and things he needs/wants this year.

I rounded up some great options and ideas for you to get your man this Christmas. Items such as a sports jersey, tie set and customizable whiskey glasses are some of my favorite picks! Let me know if you pick out something nice from this list! 

You can shop these items below.


Stay tuned for my next Holiday Gift Guide and check my “Gift Guide” tab on the site menu!

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