Its that time of year again! Break out the hot coco, candy canes and cookies because I’m going to share ten of my favorite holiday items and must try/haves this season.

14517569First I have to share this Sugar Cookie scented Candle from Tuscany Candle Company I found while browsing the Christmas isle at Jo-Anns: Fabric & Craft Store. It smells amazing and its in a cute mason jar. If you’re like me and like to reuse things, once the candle is all gone you can use the mason jar to hold your bobby pins or hair ties.
img8cSecondly, this Cinnamon Apple Butter spread from Williams Sonoma is delicious! I put it on toast, inside my homemade crepes, on muffins, bagels you name it… its good!

Home-Alone-posterMy third item or items rather are some of my favorite movies. Pictured is Home Alone and The Polar Express which are pretty popular holiday movies that I think you should watch at least once during the holiday season. However, my all time favorite holiday movie is Miracle on 34th Street (1994).

300The fourth item is a drug store find! Ya! I love finding drug store items that work and last. I really love the color Emerald green for the holidays so this nail polish “I-Rush Luck” from the drugstore brand Insta-Dri does the job. Also, it does actually dry instantly which is good for on-the-go chipped nail polish touch-ups.

img-thingNow the fifth item is more of an individual preference. Not everyone uses eye mask to bed but I do occasionally. These eye mask came with a Victoria Secret Pajama Set and are no longer in-stock but this Pajama Set from Victoria Secret is pretty similar. (If you really want my exact VS eye mask I found it here on Amazon)

E6626_EF5051 Item number six is definitely the coziest! My marled socks are so soft and perfect for boot wearing in the winter. I found some similar pairs of sock like these and those since mine are somewhat old.

212880_3780_41With those socks you need winter boots, right? For my seventh item I’m sharing my 8″ L.L. Bean – Bean Boots. As you know Southern California has no winters but I bought these for Alabama when I move in 2 months as it does rain a lot there and sometimes snows in northern Bama. My feet will be extra warm now!

peppermint9093728e2c1d37554677e2a2c87a48fdFor my eighth item I chose to share my favorite holiday Starbucks treats. What screams “Tis the Season” other than the best coffee house Snowman Cookie I’ve ever tasted! Sadly, the cookie is one of Starbuck’s seasonal offers so after the holidays it’s gone. Along with the yummy snowman cookie, my favorite holiday drink is none other than the Peppermint Mocha.

pride-and-prejudice-book-cover-by-jessica-hischeThe ninth item shouldn’t even count but I’m adding it to the list because I love them! I’m talking about catalogs… especially holiday themed catalogs. I’m sure you, just like myself, get tons of catalogs in the mail during the holidays. At times the bulk of them sitting on your living room table or wherever can seem daunting or even annoying. But I love looking through them! I love to see all the different decorations and get inspired. However, if you really cant stand catalogs I’ll share my favorite book I like to read every Christmas. Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen is a classic and must read (if you haven’t already). It doesn’t have anything to do with the Holidays really but it’ll make you happy.

3300122_1420673819Lastly, my tenth item I’m sharing is my favorite tartan print bag. My bag is a Green Tartan Plaid Satchel from Dooney&Bourke. Unfortunately, it is no longer available on the D&B website or in stores. But luckily I found it here at the QVC website which is very reliable. *Here are some other holiday bags I love: Bag 1Bag 2Bag 3, and Bag 4.

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