Imagine you’re at school studying and stressed out because it’s the week of your college midterms, there’s 3 days left until you go on fall break and your boyfriend surprises you and says “WE’RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD”!

Thats what happened a week ago at lunch with Bobby when he told me to start packing my bags. 

I couldn’t believe it! Being from California I’ve been to Disneyland many times but this was my first time at Disney World. So I was thrilled, I couldn’t even sleep the night before we left like a 6-year-old because I was so excited. We stayed for a weekend and went to two parks; Epcot and Magic Kingdom. Keep reading below to see what we did!

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Epcot was amazing! I had no idea how accurate and real each country they replicated looked. Among the eleven countries at Epcot Italy and France were my favorite. I’ve been to Italy and France in Europe but Disney World Epcot could have fooled me because it was so similar. Each country in Epcot had their own food, music and people. In France, they had pastries such as Napoleon’s, employees that were from France and spoke French, and the Eiffel Tower. Can’t forget the Eiffel Tower! Meanwhile in Italy, they had a replica of the courtyard from the Ducal Palace in Venice, Italy, pasta and wine.









Next we went to Magic Kingdom, which is pretty identical to Disneyland in California. The entire park was decorated for Halloween since it was the day of “Mickey’s Halloween Party” and only four days until October 31st. I loved it!

A giant jack-o-lantern in the shape of Mickeys head was in the middle of main street with Cinderella’s castle in the background. Orange and black decorations adorned all the buildings and restaurants and cast members were dressed up for Halloween as well.







I got my face painted, met Pooh, Tigger, and Pluto. We ended the night by watching fireworks and riding the shuttle back to our hotel to sleep in the next day haha. It was a wonderful surprise weekend getaway and I thank my boyfriend for setting it all up. If you haven’t been to Disney World yet I recommend you start packing your bags and get on the next flight to Orlando, Florida because it was a memory I’ll never forget and I’m sure you’ll experience the same happiness as I did.



Thanks for following along!

Happy Halloween!

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