Hello November! 

This month always gets me hyped up for Christmas and I tend to get into the “Christmas spirit” a little too early. But that’s okay because if you didn’t feel the same way then you probably wouldn’t be reading this very “christmas-y” post. Ha ha!

Whether it’s wearing my plaid Christmas pjs, drinking tall hot peppermint mocha’s from Starbucks or watching the Grinch you can bet I’m gearing up to be in full Christmas mode by November, 23rd… the day after Thanksgiving when I put my tree up. But one thing I love about this season is the never ending Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. Each year Hallmark comes out with new movies to watch all season long and it’s really just the best. I love the story lines, the casts, the settings and the best part… there is always a happy ending! Over the years I have watched almost all of the Hallmark Christmas movies and thought I’d make a list of my favorite ones for you to watch. I haven’t gotten around to watching this years new Hallmark Christmas movies but I will be updating this page once I do. 

Take a look at my lists below and comment what your favorite Hallmark Christmas Movie is!

My Favorite Hallmark Christmas Movies

Christmas Connection

Journey Back to Christmas

Sleigh Bells Ring

A Dream of Christmas

A Royal Christmas

Christmas Incorporated

Christmas in Evergreen

Crown for Christmas

A Heavenly Christmas

The Mistletoe Promise

A Rose for Christmas

The Christmas Train

With Love, Christmas

A Gift to Remember

Switched for Christmas

A Bride for Christmas

The Christmas Cottage

Christmas Next Door

Netflix Christmas Movies

Spirit of Christmas

A Christmas Prince

Christmas Inheritance

The Holiday Calendar

Just for fun I added this Hallmark Christmas Movie watching game that made me crack up laughing! – via @CountryLivingMag Instagram

Thanks for reading!