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Here goes the long awaited hair care products and routine I use/do to keep my hair long and healthy.

First, let me start by saying that I didn’t always have long, full, healthy hair. From middle school through high school, my hair just wasn’t growing past my collar bone and it was very thin. It made me feel insecure and frustrated because I wanted to do things like curl it and braid it but I couldn’t. Also, I kept getting sick a lot in high school because at the time I didn’t know that I had some weird health problems that was a factor to my hair thinning out and not growing. So, high school me in the age of “hair extensions” caved and tried them out because I wanted long hair fast. BAD IDEA! If you’re reading this, please don’t get hair extensions. If I could go back and tell myself DON’T WASTE your money… I would! I didn’t know how to style them correctly, they didn’t match the color of my natural hair and the clips always peaked through (very noticeable). ROOKIE MISTAKE! Also, girls in high school made fun and I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that. So don’t get extensions! haha trust me your hair will grow it just takes time. I bring this all up because I want y’all to know that if you’re struggling with growing your hair and/or feeling insecure, I’ve been there! And I’m sure we all have/will at some point in our lives. But its important for us to boost each other up instead of bring each other down especially in the crazy, mad world we live in today. Besides, short hair is IN right now and even I have contemplated cutting my own mane haha!

Products I use:

Shampoo & Conditioner – My hair stylist in California turned me onto the Bumble&Bumble products and I haven’t looked back since. (BTW if you’re ever in Southern California/Orange County and need a trim or color message me –email below- and I’ll send you her info!). However, when I get my hair done I switch to John Frieda’s Go Blonder lightening shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks so that my highlights last a little longer. products linked below: I also added products for my brunette girls!

Hairspray & Hair Masks – Living in the south is TOUGH when trying to keep that perfect curl you just spent an hour on doing. If I don’t use hairspray, the minute I walk outside my apartment my hair goes FLAT. It’s nuts and I’m adjusting haha. Luckily, I use TRESemmé level 4 humidity hairspray and that does the job! It doesn’t leave my hair feeling crunchy either like most generic hairsprays do. However, when I want more loose/wavy curls or when the weather actually cools down and the humidity decreases I use Bumble&Bumble’s flexible hold hairspray. It keeps my hair bouncy and its less product so my hair can breathe (can y’all tell I really love Bumble&Bumble products? haha)! Lastly, for some reason a lot of us forget to care for our hair after all the heat and products we use on it every week. That’s where hair masks come into play. I usually do a hair mask at least once a week or twice a month. I leave it in my hair for about 15-20 minutes (wrapped up in a bun) while taking a bath. Hair masks help rejuvenate and revitalize your hair from all the damage you’ve been putting it through (flat iron, curler, hairspray etc.) products linked below

Routine & Tips:

AIR DRY! AIR DRY! AIR DRY! – I swear if you just give your hair a couple weeks off from blow drying you will see a huge difference! Blowing drying causes your hair to frizz out and dry out your hair follicles making your hair feel dull and less volumized. 

Detangle Little tip: if you notice your hair gets really tangled a lot, brush your hair thoroughly before you take a shower and wash it. After your shower you’ll be able to brush out your wet hair with ease and no fighting back tears of tangled messes.

Stop Over-Washing – I know its hard especially for us girls who have extra oily hair (guilty!) but its actually very benicfical to go a couple days without washing it. For my hair I can only go two days (3 days max) until it starts to look oily and I need to wash it ASAP. Constantly washing your hair every single day will eventually lead to stripping essential oils from your hair. You can always use a dry shampoo on the days you haven’t washed it to freshen up your locks.

“Just a trim” myth – O.K. ladies just because your hair dresser says “just get a trim, it’ll help!”… it actually doesn’t. Chopping off the ends does nothing to encourage hair growth. Everyones hair grows at a different speed. So next time you’re at the hair salon don’t fall for the “a trim will make my hair grow” myth. When I get my hair done I usually will skip a hair trim every other visit. Let it grow! Let it grow!

Vitamins – Its true! What you put into your body exudes outward. For myself because of my health problems, I’ve been having to take a number of vitamins a day to keep my body healthy since high school. So if you’re into vitamins and don’t mind taking a multi one a day it might help. Among the vitamins I take, “Hair, skin and nails” from Douglas Cooper is one that I’ve noticed has helped my hair tremendously. My vitamins are prescribed to me by a doctor so that all my vitamins are a consistent brand but generic brands will work too!

I hope these tips and tricks help you grow out your hair too! But remember, don’t get frustrated or feel insecure we’ve all been there. Whether you’ve had gorgeous long lucious hair all your life or just starting to grow it out these tips are important steps you can take to jump start your hair growth process.

If you have a questions or just need to talk you can message me below.


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