Our entryway needed some LOVE… desperately (scroll to see the before pic). It was one of those spaces that I just forgot about when we first moved in and after 5 months I finally was able to tackle it and make it into something useful and pretty. When you walk into our home you are greeted first by our dog Allie but then see this little narrow hallway that leads to our guest bathroom and a storage closet filled with coats. I wanted this to feel warm, inviting and a “catch all” place for keys, dog leashes, shoes, umbrellas and a last minute look in the mirror before running out the door. But I knew this going to be a bit challenging since I didn’t know where to begin.

To get started on this project, I knew I needed some help and guidance. I found Havenly – an interior design service that helps you find your style and create your dream living space. I took their style quiz and was immediately impressed with the recommendations they gave as to what I liked to see visually in a home. Our home style isn’t just one word I could easily use to define the spaces we’ve created – we like a mix of different styles and decor. Some days I think I have more “Transitional” style, other days I feel a little western or rustic, and every now and then I feel myself drawn to the boho/cottage styles. It’s all a mix and I truly love incorporating different elements from all kinds of home decor styles to make a space feel 100% like you. Keep reading for my design process and decisions that lead me to this new space!

Two things I was certain about sprucing up this tiny space was it needed to be functional and flow with the rest of our home decor through out the house. I originally had an awkward round table that just made the hallway feel even smaller (we constantly ran into it) and nothing I had really fit or went with this space.

After looking to Pinterest for some inspiration and design help – I gathered up some things I admired and made a little mood board so I could stay on track with my vision. I was going for simple and modern but with a little woodsy feel. Our utility box sits on the hallway wall which is such an eyesore so that is where I started first! I had the perfect woodsy wall art already that I didn’t know what to do with at the time and it actually was the perfect size to cover the utility box. From there I added a black sleek metal wall hook for us to hang dog leashes, umbrellas and keys. Then I found the cutest arched mirror that was the right size to fit between the adjacent wall above the metal hook. I have always felt that a mirror is needed in any entryway because I truly am always needing to apply lipstick or something before I run out the door.

Next with some hunting, I was able to find such a beautiful marble table that was tall, long and skinny which is exactly what I needed to for this space. I decorated it with some period time books, a candle and a globe to complete the table display. The last thing I added which went with my woodsy wall art was this Pinterest idea I found. I went to Hobby Lobby and found a cute little atrium and filled it with bottle brush trees and a battery candle to give this little entryway a cozier and more welcoming feel.


I loved how it turned out and it truly was just sprucing up a little drab corner of my home with some new pieces and arrangements. From boring and dull to neat and functional cleaning up this entryway and adding in new elements made a world of difference! I hope you enjoyed this little home decor transformation and let me know if you’d like to see more!

As always,