IMG_3336-1Are you struggling to keep up with those New Years resolutions? Don’t worry, I got you girl! My fitness workout routine is finally here. I’m sharing all that I do to stay fit and get beach-bod ready for the summer. However, with every workout routine comes eating healthy and being good to your body, mind and soul.

What I mean by this is a good workout routine only takes you half way there. Eating well and having a balance of what you put into your body is crucial on being physically healthy. On the other hand, body positivity and confidence is crucial on building a healthy mindset. To me, body positivity is accepting the body you have and living comfortably in it. You know that saying, “Love the skin you’re in”? Well accepting the skin you’re in is the first step in my book to a healthier and happy YOU.

It took me a while to come to terms with this because I always thought (thanks to societal norms) “beauty meant always being skinny”. Newsflash! It’s quite the opposite. A happy and healthy woman shows more beauty inside and out. Loving my body while on a workout plan has helped me achieve my weight goals. Sometimes I eat chick-fil-a twice a week and I’m on a first name basis with the workers at Chipotle (thats how often I eat there…). I get food babies (aka when you eat so much you can’t move haha), bloated and when I’m not posing for the camera its not all toned and shaped 24/7. For me its about keeping a balance. Sometimes after a work out I’ll run to Chick-fil-a and eat some mini nuggets. You can still eat your favorite foods and workout as long as everything is in moderation and you throw in some healthy meals a couple times a week. It’s all about balance! haha. We’re only human after all and we only get one body. So its time we be kinder to it. 😉

Below is my workout routine which is printable for those who wanna use it.




  • ab passes – This only works with a friend. Sit facing across from each other and lock legs (like a pretzel). Then with any size weight ball (I usually do 10 lbs.) pass the ball from your left side to you’re right side of your torso then pass the ball to your friend. Your friend then does what you just did and passes it back. Do this for 30 seconds 3 times and you’ll feel the burn in those abs.
  • cocoons – Lay flat on your back, arms above your head and legs straight (like a pencil). Hold a weight ball or dumbbell (I usually do 10 lbs.) and lift it over your head to touch your toes as your legs lift simultaneously. Basically your legs and arms should be meeting in the middle with the ball in your hand. Do this for 30 seconds 3 times.



  • Stretchy Bands – If you don’t have a machine at your gym or home that has arm weights to use then buy some stretchy bands for this workout. Wrap the stretch band around your feet as you sit down. Make sure you are sitting up straight or you’ll hurt your back. Pull the band back and forth to work out those arms and back muscles. Do this for 15 seconds 2 times.



  • Squats – standing feet apart about the width of your yoga mat, hold a dumbbell weight and squat 15 seconds 3 times.
  • Leg Pulses – (second photo) in a dog position lift one leg and pulse it up in the air as if you’re trying to hit the ceiling. Do this for 20 seconds on each leg, 2 times.
  • Leg Side Lifts – standing up, slightly bend over and kick one leg out to the side lifting it up and down. Do this for 20 seconds each leg, 2 times.



I hope you find this fitness guide helpful and I’d love to hear what you guys love to do while you workout! Comment below.


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