As we all know, it’s still January and those New Years resolutions are starting to kick in or if you’re like me… just getting started haha. Among my resolutions this year one of them is to get back into exercising. I will be getting back into ballet and barre this week and so that had me thinking about my athleisure wear.

For me exercising should be a time where you focus on yourself/health; mind, body and soul. It should be a time you feel confident in your own skin regardless of your weight goals. You’re doing this for yourself and you should feel great about it! I feel the most confident when I have reliable, cute and long lasting athleisure wear on when I work out. Working out is kind of intimidating for people (myself included). If you go to a gym, there’s so many weird machines and people staring it honestly makes me feel less inclined to work out. However, it may sound silly but having athleisure wear on that I love and I know will get me through my exercises gives me that confidence boost I need to do it!


Besides, looking cute you need to be able to breath (breathable material) in your athleisure wear and be comfortable. I’m usually not a “brand” kind of girl however, recently I have been branching out and trying new styles and brands like Fabletics. Fabletics is what I’m wearing above and I have to say I have been love their designs! Their new line of shirts and tank tops have a breathable material with tiny “sweat” holes as I like to call it, that help your skin breath while you sweat it all out. Take a look below at some of my favorite Fabletics picks.

Pick 1 // Pick 2 // Pick 3 // Pick 4 // Pick 5 // Pick 6

Fabletics has a VIP member service where you can sign up and enjoy perks like half off items and bundles. It’s especially nice too because they put together an entire outfit for you based off of things you like.

I also love to mix and match my athleisure wear! From sports bra, shorts, basic leggings, leggings with a print, high waisted, puffer vests etc. there’s so much you can do and style with. I shop the ASOS athletic wear, Target, Aerie, Forever 21, Nasty Gal, Nordstrom, Victoria Secret and you can even find some nice brand names at TJ Maxx for less. It doesn’t have to be expensive because after all you’re wearing it to workout and sweat in. Below are some of my favorite styles/trends for the New Year in athleisure wear on a budget.



Share your favorite athleisure brand below!

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