I’m all packed up and ready for Disney world in just a few days! This will be my third time going with Bobby and I decided to go a little bit extra with my outfits for all of you. After all, it wouldn’t be a Nickole themed Disney trip without:
1. dressing up like Minnie Mouse
2. wearing space buns like Princess Leia from Star Wars
3. looking like I’m going on a safari in Animal Kingdom

I have always been an admirer of those hardcore Disney fans who come to the parks all dressed up like their favorite characters but in reality for me it wouldn’t be practical so I came up with some subtle looks that still make me feel like I’m dressed up in character for the parks.

If you’re curious or even just the slightest *extra* like me take a look at what I’ll be packing this time around for our trip!

Hope my disney packing list is helpful to you when planning your trip!
Let me know if you purchase anything or have any items you’d like to add! 🙂

Love always,


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