IMG_0247I can’t believe it’s finally here. Four years really goes by so fast and in a blink of an eye its over. My time at the University of Alabama was everything I hoped it would be and more, back in 2014 when I was deciding on which college I’d go to. I knew early on that I wanted to go to a school in the south and eventually move there. If y’all are new to the blog… I’m originally from Southern California but now live in Alabama. I fell in love with the south when my parents took me on a cross-country road trip. We went to New Orleans (which I loved), toured plantations in Mississippi and then accidentally drove through a town in Alabama called Mobile (where we currently live now). It was so charming with beautiful southern homes everywhere, huge magnolia trees and welcoming in every way. This is when my parents and I really fell in love with the south and wanted to live there.

After that trip I applied to almost every school in the south; LSU, Ole Miss, Alabama, Mississippi State, South Alabama, and FSU. In my heart, Alabama was always my number one choice and even though I got acceptances from all the other schools… the minute I heard back from Bama I paid my first semester tuition right away. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to start packing up my car and move into my college apartment. 

Advice: Apply to a lot of schools! You might need back-ups incase you don’t get into your first choice. Also, applying to a lot of schools give you a better option before you pick your final school.

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IMG_0257My mom and I started brainstorming apartment decorating ideas while my Dad (a true Texas A&M Alumnus) couldn’t wait for rival football games… his college vs. mine. But we all know that Alabama was destined to win haha sorry Dad… Roll Aggies? When “move-in” day finally came around we packed up my little car and my dads SUV and drove from California to Alabama. My apartment was a good size with two roommates, an attached bathroom, living room, laundry room and kitchen. You can view it, here. After I was all moved in… cue the water works. It was really hard to say bye to my parents because at this time they were still living in California and this was the farthest away from them I was ever going to be. 

Advice: Call your parents when you’re at college. Honestly, no matter how far away they might be it always feels good to hear their voice. I made an effort to call my mom at least once every other day which wasn’t hard at all for us because we’re extremely close as it is. But I suggest calling your parents at least twice a week to just give them an update on your life. It will make them so happy and I found that talking to them always made me feel less stressed.

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Before going to college I was always certain of one thing. I wanted to be a journalism major. Thats a very big reason why I chose the University of Alabama in the first place. Their communications school is one of the best and is continually winning awards for academics, projects and published works. So in my first semester I declared my major in Journalism and minor in Political Science right away. As I started to get a feel for campus and college life I quickly found my favorite spots on campus to hang out, eat, do homework etc. If you’re reading this and are going to be an incoming freshman at UA I’d read this next part.

My favorite spots on campus to do homework are in the common room down stairs in Reese Phifer Hall and the study hall room in BidGood Hall. I always found myself in either one of those places finishing a paper, doing homework or reading a good book. As far as eating spots… I love B.Phils! You can use your ActionCard there (which is basically your college play money so to speak) and they have the best Buffalo chicken dip ever! But even though there is a ton of places on campus to eat I suggest packing a lunch.

Advice: Don’t get stuck eating the same old campus food. My campus had Chick-Fil-A, Panda Express, Auntie Annes Pretzels and many more fast food chains that it made it hard for me to ever eat healthy. Until I started to pack my own snacks while I’m at school or in class. 

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Over the past couple years at college, I also found my people here at UA. I met Bobby my boyfriend of two years now and my best friend Jenna. I got back into things I always loved doing like dance, ballet, photography and blogging. I even found my own niche and discovered what I’m best at which has lead me into my career paths and goals. They always say “You find yourself in college”, and I think perhaps I have. I’m excited for the future and my classes at UA prepared me for whats out there in the world. 

Advice: Don’t worry about making friends or not making friends etc. eventually you will find people who motivate you, encourage you and support you in all aspects of your life. Just focus on school and get into hobbies and I promise you will find people just like you. 

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Overall, my time at UA has been so enlightening and I’m going to miss my beautiful college campus a lot. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter its gorgeous anytime of year. This past semester I got to see it snow on campus twice which was truly magical. I’m so happy I chose to further my education at the University of Alabama those many years ago. My only regret is I wish I could stay longer. 

Advice: Do as much as you can. Get active, join a club, be involved and get back into the things you love while at college. Every college has a number of different clubs to join so join one you like and get involved with your campus.

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I hope this post helps those incoming college freshman reading this but also shed a light on how amazing college can be. I truly had the best time and if I could I would do it all over again. 

Cheers! and Roll Tide Roll!


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