IMG_4782Its about time! πŸ™‚ I know, I know… you’ve all been waiting for me to post about my closet but it is finally all finished, organized and decorated. I’ve gotten messages from a lot of you asking to see it and I LISTENED!!! However, before I dive in I want to say a couple things. I am so grateful to be able to show you all little pieces of my life in the hopes that I can inspire others to be creative and create amazing things. It has always been a dream of mine to have a walk-in closet to display my clothes and shoes in a bigger space. I never thought in a million years that moving to Alabama I’d find my dream southern home with my parents and have my own little master bedroom suite. CRAZY! Things like this just don’t happen in real life right? haha. I know some of you will look at my closet and think “eh, its not that great” but to me its everything and I’ve worked really hard at fixing it up and putting my own design into it.

For a little background story for anyone reading this thats new to the blog my house is an old southern historic home. It has two master bedrooms (one upstairs and one downstairs). My parents and I got really lucky when searching for a house because we found this one at the last minute before we moved to Alabama. It worked out perfect because they have their own master bedroom and so do I. Each master bedroom has a walk-in closet and connected full bathroom. We’ve been renovating this house now for the past year and can finally say we are pretty much done. So I felt it was time to reveal my closet!!IMG_4792IMG_4797As you look through the photos I’m sure you’ll notice something odd. I have two doors to my closet? Yes. One door leads to my bedroom and the other door leads to our second guest bedroom. Like I said above, this is an old historic home so its got some funky parts about it but I think thats what makes it unique. Besides when my little nieces come to visit these extra doors and pathways are perfect for hide and seek haha! The door behind my dresses leads to the second guest bedroom and so I don’t ever use that door so I figured more space to hang clothes. I have my jackets on the bottom rack and my shirts on the top rack above.Β IMG_4778IMG_4801

Spring Dresses:

There is something about dresses that makes me so happy! From winter to spring, and summer to fall you can always wear a dress in my opinion. Currently, its spring time and florals/pastels are all that I have my eye on. So I rounded up some of my favorite spring dresses that are under $50. Toggle through and take a look!

IMG_4809I wanted my closet to have some decor pieces too, not just a bunch of hung up clothes so I added this fun pom-pom string banner, twinkle lights and a long mirror. I also found some really cute Vogue/Fashion prints, framed them and hung them to add a more feminine flair. Another thing I added was extra lighting. My chandelier hangs from the ceiling but being a closet its still a little dark so I found solar wall lights that I can stick anywhere and turn on. They are the white little circles pictured on the side of my mirror.IMG_4821IMG_4813IMG_4805Lastly, if y’all know me… you know I have quite an obsession with shoes! I haven’t counted but theres probably over 60 pairs of shoes I own at the moment. Some aren’t even pictured because I packed a few for my upcoming trip. But I can honestly say this obsession comes from my momma haha. Downstairs in her master bedroom she has two closets. One for just her shoes and the other she shares with my dad for their clothes. Its the funniest thing. To display my shoes in my closet I used the built-in shelf by my mirror and got these shelving racks to put in the corner of my closet. IMG_4786IMG_4817-1

I’m so happy I finally got to share my closet with all of you! I hope you like it and picked out a cute spring dress for this season above. Let me know in the comment section below what you thought.Β 


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