Just a few weeks ago I was doing some “pre-spring” cleaning, as I like to call it, and heard a lot of feedback from all of you on how I stay organized. But most of all, how do I keep my closet clean? Well… here’s a little secret it’s not always perfectly clean but I do like to keep it tidy and I’m going to share how below.

One things for sure, (and Bobby can attest to this) I am a bit of a clean freak when it comes to certain things. I’m not saying I don’t leave a pile of clothes on the floor from time to time. I’m just saying that, that would drive me crazy and I will need to clean it up asap haha. This “neurotic” cleaning behavior of mine became apparent to me when I moved in with Bobby in college.

I never realized how badly I like things to be clean and orderly until I lived with someone! Crazy right? You just don’t pick up on it when you live alone. For instance, I realized there’s a certain way I like my towels folded or my bed made or even how I arrange my clothes to hang in my closet. But with this cleaning habit of mine, I stay pretty organized and have a few tips for you all to try!!

Here are my 5 quick tips on how to keep your closet organized:

  1. COLOR CODE: Personally, I love the way it looks when everything is color coded. Especially when I’m looking for an exact color to go with my look it just speeds up the whole outfit process.
  2. SMALLEST TO LARGEST: When hanging up my clothes in my closet I like to hang my shirts a certain way that helps me find things better. I start on the left side of the clothing rack with my spaghetti strap/tank tops first, then short sleeves, then 3/4 length sleeves and lastly long sleeves at the end. When your shirts/blouses are organized like this not only does it help you find what you’re looking for it also creates order in your closet. I do the same with my dresses as well (short sleeve to long sleeve).
  3. GET BINS: If you have room for them, get some organizational bins/basket! Even if you don’t have room for them in your closet you can always buy some that slide under your bed. In my closet I have baskets on the top rack. I use these baskets for my “miscellaneous” pieces and you can label them too. For example, in my baskets I put scarves in one, beanies in another and stockings/tights. That way if your dresser is all filled up (like mine) you don’t have to stuff them all in a drawer.
  4. SHOWCASE YOUR BAGS: If you have some handbags you plan on keeping for a long time you probably want them to last and keep their shape. Well the best way I know how to do that is to showcase them on a shelf. Don’t squish your bags down at the bottom of your closet getting dirty and dingy. You’ll only be ruining them in the long run. For my bags, when I’m not using them and they’re on the shelf I like to stuff them with tissue paper so they keep their shape. This is a great way to take care of your more nicer pieces in your closet.
  5. SHOE RACKS: If it weren’t for shoe racks my shoes would be all over the place! There are so many different types of racks too. The two I have is a floor one and a built-in wall one. But I have seen shoe racks that hang behind the door so it really depends on the space you have to work with.


That’s it for my tips! Hopefully these 5 easy tips will help you start organizing your closet. Feel free to ask me anything in the comment section below or if you’d like to add a good organizational tip!

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