BE OUR GUEST!!! This year Bobby and I wanted to do something out of the ordinary for Halloween. We decided to be our favorite characters from Disney BUT instead of your typical heroines (i.e. prince and princess duo) we changed it up for a hero vs. villain costume – Belle and Gaston.

We all know Belle to be a smart, independent and clever maiden in Beauty and the Beast while Gaston is the towns strong, handsome and all too aware of himself villain. I loved the idea of pairing these two totally different characters together for our costumes. We could have easily just dressed up as Belle and the Beast but Bobby has always loved Gastons character in the movies and his in-person portrayal at the Disney parks. So we HAD to do it and it was actually one of the easiest costumes to put together.

You can find links to our costumes below as you scroll through the pictures! The only thing we had to improvise on was making Gastons red shirt with the yellow collar. I couldn’t find anything really authentic looking online so we bought a cheap red collared polo shirt and painted the collar yellow with some fabric paint. Easy enough! Lastly, I think the number one thing that tied this costume altogether are the props (Belle’s basket, books and bow) and of course finding the perfect setting/location for pictures. If pictures is your thing – look for places with old bridges or buildings. We randomly came across this cute little scene while driving by one day on the way to run on errands. It’s called the Old Mill in Mountain Brook, AL and it could not have been a more perfect place to display Belle and Gastons costumes.

All links below


(We used yellow fabric paint to paint the collar on the red gaston polo shirt)

I hope this blog post is helpful for you and gives you all the Halloween costume inspiration!! Let me know if you recreated this look and tag me in your pics on instagram @nickolehaymaker.

Love, Nickole