Its August and some of us (myself included) are very much yearning for fall and all the great things that come with it. If you’re in the fall/autumn mood (even though we have a month or two go until the weather actually starts changing) below are 8 things to do to ensure you have the best Autumn yet! Enjoy!

1. Actually enjoy Fall!

I made this #1 on the list because often times when the holidays come around so many of us (myself included) get so caught up in the crazy we forget to stop and make memories. Take a break from trying to capture that perfect “fall” instagram picture and relax with a cup of coco. This is the season of family & togetherness so I vow to make more memories and enjoy fall because it’ll be gone before we know it! 

2. Pumpkin Picking! 

Y’all know you can’t do fall right unless you’ve gone pumpkin picking at least once. However, mix it up this year and find a pumpkin patch in your area that also has a million other activities to do. For example: the pumpkin patch I’m going to this year in Alabama offers; jack-o-lantern carving contests, bouncy houses, corn mazes, face painting, live music and so much more. 

3. Sweater Weather!

Splurge a little on a new wardrobe and buy yourself some cozy cozy sweaters! I’ve linked some of my favorites for you below! 

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4. Decorating!

O.K. if there’s one thing on this list I love most of all it’s definitely decorating… I go NUTS over Fall/Halloween decorations and making your house or apartment ready for the season is tons of fun. I’ve gathered some good decorating inspiration below, check them out! 

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5. Crafting! 

This one is perfect for those cold rainy days when you’re stuck inside your house (bored outta your mind). Grab some scissors and paper and get to work! Check out the fun crafts I added below. 

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6. Baking! 

Oh my lord… Fall baked goods are a gift from God. That sweet smell of cinnamon, vanilla, coco and pumpkin in the air make me salivate (haha ew).  I linked a new recipe I found on Pinterest that I can’t wait to try and recreate!

Recipe Link

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7. Movie Nights!

Get your schedule out and plan fall-esque movie nights with your family or loved ones. I say schedule because this time of year gets so crazy sometimes we forget to make time for the ones we love. So plan a date, pick a movie & warm up some popcorn!


8. Get Outdoors!

The fall season is perhaps the prettiest in terms of scenery and weather. Go on a hike or a drive through the countryside to get a glimpse of falls ever changing colors. From red and orange to yellow and brown it’s picturesque and you won’t need a filter on your photos haha! 

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Overall, have the best Fall season yet! Enjoy spending time with your family, the cooler weather and all the orange hues that nature brings to us. Make everlasting memories and try something new. 

Happy Fall!


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