If you’re looking for a relaxing sight seeing day along the Washington coast line – Port Townsend is one of the prettiest. Located in the Puget Sound, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean and just under two hours from Seattle this charming town was exactly what I needed. With its Victorian era architecture and waterfront views all around I felt so blessed to have been able to spend the day here exploring this small town.

Port Townsend is one of the most picturesque small towns in America and is actually a National Historic Landmark District due to its historic significance. From the homes to the storefronts every building is unique and charming all on its own. We found some of the cutest shops and restaurants while enjoying the weather and the sounds of the beach. It was the best day together with my family I wanted to share some of the sights we got to see in this Port Townsend travel guide!



First, we stopped at the Townsend Pier on Water St. to walk around and enjoy the tide coming in. It was such a beautiful scene and my inner middle school self was geeking out because it looked and felt just like a scene out of the Twilight movies (which I was a huge fan of during its prime)! Forks, Washington wasn’t on my itinerary for this trip (the setting of the vampire sequel) but this town was a close second. I will cherish these sweet photos walking along the beach with my niece, Phoenix – this would be a perfect spot for some family photos.


Next, we drove up to the Historic Fire Bell Tower (319 Tyler St, Port Townsend, WA 98368) and were greeted with the most amazing views of Port Townsend and the Washington coastline. It’s such a beautiful little spot perched at the peak of the town and the bell tower itself is incredible. Built in 1890, it is the last remaining wooden fire bell tower in the United States.


Then, we strolled all through out downtown going in and out of all the cute shops. Some of our favorites were an antique shop with three floors worth of unique finds and the cutest home store. Here is a list of all the shops we went in:

  • Port Townsend Antique Mall
  • Conservatory Coastal Home
  • Expressions Apparel
  • Vespertine Boutique
  • The Northwest Man
  • Imprint Bookstore and The Writers’ Workshoppe

THE TOWN CONTINUED: World’s End Pirate Shop

Lastly, I had to highlight one shop in particular because it was perhaps the most unique thing in this charming little town. World’s End, the Pirate shop downtown (1020 Water St), felt like we had been transported back in time once we walked into this shop. It was by far the most fun exploring every little knickknack this place had to offer. My family has always been a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean and mainly just pirates in general so stumbling upon this shop was a true gem for us. It truly is the most unique shop and will make you feel like a kid again. Have fun!!!

I hope this mini travel guide on Port Townsend helps you out in planning your next trip to Washington! If you find yourself wanting more from this great state read my next travel guide on Seattle. As always, happy travels!

Love, Nickole