Ever since I can remember I have always loved animals. When I was younger, on Saturday mornings, I use to love watching The Wild Thornberrys, Zoboomafoo and Between the Lions – definitely showing my age here with these early 2000’s cartoon tv shows. But it’s true, I would watch these educational shows and learn so much about all kinds of animals growing up. So you can imagine my love for zoo’s and even aquariums has grown over the years.

It was finally time when the weather cooled down for us to plan a trip to visit our fellow animal friends. Bobby found out that our local zoo, the Birmingham Zoo, was having a special event just for their elephants and booked us tickets immediately! I was so excited when he told me – I even mixed up the dates a few times because I couldn’t wait to go. The event was “Brunch with the Bachelors” to have a special meet and greet with the Birmingham Zoo’s herd of “bachelor” elephants.


We had quite the “pachyderm party” during this fun and exclusive event. We got to meet the coolest elephants; Bulwagi, Luti and Gadze in an intimate and up-close setting. We also got to enjoy a delicious breakfast at the Safari Peak restaurant while the elephants roamed close by! After breakfast, we were treated to a special elephant interaction with some of the Animal Care Professionals at the BOMA yard in Trails of Africa.

Through out the morning we learned what makes each of the bachelors unique and how the Birmingham Zoo cares for these magnificent animals day in and day out. Once our special event was over we got to roam around the rest of the zoo and see all the other animals for the end of the day.

Some of my favorite animal exhibits offered at the Birmingham Zoo are: Alligator Swamp, Flamingo Lagoon, Primate Building, Sea Lions and Red Diamond Sea Lion Splash Show, Tortoise Yard, Kiwanis Giraffe Encounter, Main Elephant Yard and Gigi’s Back Porch. You can view the entire list of exhibits here. Aside from all the animals at the Birmingham Zoo, there are a few extra things to do and see as well. The Zoo offers many different animal encounters, a train ride through the park, a splash pad for children and a carousel. You could really spend the entire day here just like we did!

We truly had such a fun day together exploring the zoo, learning more about elephants and saying hello to all the animals. We can’t wait to be back or even partake in another special event at the Birmingham Zoo.