IMG_3334Happy Holidays! Our apartment tour is finally done! Bobby and I have had a lot of fun decorating for the season and have gathered a couple tips to stay on budget when decorating your apartment for the holidays.

Babe knows how much I love Christmas and he knew how crazy I was about decorating from the very first date haha (sorry Bobby lol). So when we moved in together it was my goal to make our apartment as gender neutral as possible. It was hard at first because I like a lot of light pink, grey and rose gold elements whereas he likes the more blue and brown elements. So I combined the two and made it work tying in some grey, blue and white elements throughout the room. I added the string lights for a girly-romantic touch with our photographs clipped to it and some throw pillows.

Both of us are BIG advocates for comfort so we knew we ultimately wanted our place to be cozy and we did just that. We have a ton of blankets, pillows (my doing) and candles everywhere which makes coming home from a long day of classes more inviting haha.

But for our Christmas decor, Bobby had this genius idea to hang tiny little stockings across our string lights above our bed (claps for Bobby! haha). We then added a wreath, put up our mini tree and hung up our sleigh wall decor. Below is how we stayed on budget and links to our decor for you to get for your apartment.IMG_3340IMG_3354FullSizeRender 12How we stayed on budget: Three words… Target Dollar Section. I can not express enough how much I love Target. Our Target in our neighborhood is so massive that sometimes Bobby and I will run to the store for one thing and come out 2 hours later with a cart full of stuff. We have a problem haha (actually I have the problem). 

Christmas Decor: Our red and green stockings and JOY Sleigh wall decor is from the dollar section at Target (We scored!). You can find them here – mini stockings & here – similar. Along with our wreath, we found it here (similar one) and our mini tree is from here. Our plaid blanket can be found here.

Elf on the Shelf:  Our little elf is a gift from my mom and let me just say, Bobby thinks the “Elf on the Shelf” tradition is freaky haha. He does not like the idea at all, its hilariously cute. So we got this gift from my mom because its apart of our family tradition from my childhood that we used to do. Every morning I’d wake up and that little elf would move and be somewhere else in the house for us to find haha. Now I do it to Bobby in our apartment and he freaks out. It’s so funny because I would have never expected him to get so creeped out by a little elf. But hey, it’s all in good fun and keeps him on his toes every morning haha. IMG_3343IMG_3350IMG_3357Lastly, I always fill up our candy bowl with our favorite chocolates because we both have a little sweet tooth. But this year Hershey’s Kisses came out with the cutest new packaging… Santa Hats (here)! I had to get them for us and fill up our bowl for the holidays. We’ve already eaten half the bag haha.

I hope this Christmas apartment decor post puts you and your loved in the holiday mood! It’s time to hang up your lights and ornaments because Christmas is almost here. 


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