Happy first day of summer 2018! It’s finally summer but if you’re from the south, you know our summer started a while ago haha. Humidity and average temps of 90 degrees are a bit unbearable at times but we survive and in style nonetheless. So without further ado, I’v put together 5 summer trends you need to keep you cool and stylish along with another summer look book of mine! (Click here to see my last summer look book)

I love to mix up my own style every once and a while with elements from the past. My mom has always kept a lot of her clothes from her youth and thank god she did because old fashions have a way of coming back in style (and I get to raid her closet haha)! Her vintage pieces give me inspiration to change up an outfit. Therefore, this look is inspired by the 70’s/80’s summer style with the retro white sunnies, crochet top and denim flared skirt. Giving y’all the groovy vibes! *Outfit details are linked below.

5 Summer Trends You Need This Summer

  1. Cherry Print: I know what you’re thinking, “summer is the time to bring out my florals”. Well mix it up this summer with some cheerful cherry print pieces in your wardrobe.  *Bonus: perfect print if you’re feeling that 90’s nostalgia!

  2. Straw Bags: This summer its all about the textured material and a straw tote or cross body bag is the way to go. Wear it to the beach or even to the market its perfect for any occasion and really makes a summer outfit complete.

  3. Tube Tops: Perfect for those super hot days. Tube tops are making a come back and I’m here for it haha!

  4. Espadrilles: If I had to pick one summer shoe to wear all season it would be espadrilles! Whether you prefer the lace up wedge or simple sandal, espadrilles are comfortable to wear all summer long.

  5. Bandanas: When its summer’s peak season and its too hot to do your hair, a cute bandana is the perfect alternative. Just do a cute up-do hair style with a bandana tied in it and you’re all set!

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I hope you enjoyed this post! Can’t wait to show you the next summer look book coming soon. In the meantime, what are some of your favorite trends to wear during the summer to keep you cool? Tell me in the comment section below.



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