It’s finally October which means time to start planning your halloween costumes! This month we’re all going to be extra busy with Halloween around the corner. Luckily I’ve come up with 4 easy DIY costumes for you to recreate with what you already have in your closet. 

I hope you guys find inspiration in these four ideas and have a fun time creating your own costumes! 

Comment below if you tried one of these costumes or if you have more easy DIY costume ideas for others to try. 

1. Deer Costume:

IMG_0868This is probably one of my favorite easy DIY costumes! It’s very effortless and whimsical. To get this look: I wore a white lace dress (with sleeves because trick or treating at night gets cold haha) with some brown accents (the fur vest and ankle booties) to bring out that more animalistic look. I pulled the costume together by doing my makeup and adding a black nose and white dots just like deers have. PS: #PepTalk – I am NO makeup artist by any means and I barely do much with my own daily makeup routine so if I can do this easy (and quick) deer makeup then so can you! To finish the costume off you have to wear deer ears! So why not make your own? Below I’ve added a step-by-step guide of how I made my deer ears for this costume.


Materials: Hot glue gun, brown felt (the thick felt), white construction paper, optional: any scrap of floral fabric or scrapbook paper, a headband, stick on paper flowers, a pencil and scissors. 

Step 1: Fold your brown felt in half and stencil your own design for antlers and ears (for the ears I just drew a leaf if that helps). Then cut them out. Trace two more ears on the white construction paper and (optional) your fabric/scrap book paper. Make sure to make the white ears a little smaller than the brown ones.

Step 2: Glue the white ears onto the center bottom of the brown ears.

Step 3: If you chose to add the fabric element to ears, next you glue your ear cut outs onto your fabric ones. Your ears should look like they have three layers: the inner white part, brown part and then the fabric design on the outer part. 

Step 4: Glue your ears and antlers onto your headband. When glueing on your ears position them towards the sides of the headband not on the top. Glue the antlers onto the top of the headband with a three finger space between them.

All Done! For finishing touches glue on your flowers around the top of your headband.


2. 1920’s Flapper:


Gatsby? What Gatsby? I absolutely love the golden age of the 1920’s so dressing up as a flapper came naturally haha. To get this look: I threw together some pearls, a shift dress, heels and a feathery headband. For the shift dress I wanted to add that “flapper flare” so I sewed on some fringe along on the bottom and top hem. Below I’ve added some inexpensive flapper inspired dresses you can get to complete the look. 


3. Scarecrow:


Dressing up as a scarecrow was probably the most fun! This costume is really easy and quick to put together especially if you need hurry home to pass out candy to all those little trick or treaters on Halloween night. To get this look: all you’ll need is a flannel shirt, a pair of jeans and boots. I’ve seen some other scarecrow costumes with overalls and I think its a cute match if you wanna give that a try. For my face makeup all I did was draw on some patches and shade them in with colors that matched my flannel. I threw the costume together with this old patchy-scarecrow looking hat I found and put my hair in pigtails. Easy!


4. Modern Day Witch:


The witching hour has begun! haha sorry if my little halloween jokes here and there are too much for you but I love Halloween and witches are my favorite thing of all. Perhaps, watching Practical Magic over and over again as a little girl went to my head but I love a good black dress, striped tights and witch hat costume! To get this look: find that extra spooky LBD in your closet and pair it with striped thigh-high socks (preferably purple or orange) and cat flats. This costume is such a classic I had to add it to the list because truth be told, I’m only 21 but I’ve been a witch more times for Halloween than any other costume haha. 


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