Welcome to my little happy place! A place where I can be creative with my work and let all the ideas pour out of me. This is my little office in our new place and I love how it all came together. I kept a lot of pieces I had already like my desk and the wall art/frames but I pulled it all together with a new white fluffy rug, some decor details and my little throw blanket on my chair since I am always cold in the house. I have been loving my set up and finally being able to have a designated spot to sit down and write.

With that being said, since the holidays are now gone until next year I wanted to take this time to think about what I want to accomplish this year in 2022. I’ve been really intentional with writing down what I actually want to do and some things I want to stop doing. To sum it up in one phrase “just live that life, girl.” Have y’all seen that meme around social media yet? It’s hilarious but also so simple and true. Just live that life. I feel that lately life has been passing by so fast and before I knew it I looked at the calendar and 3 weeks had already gone by in a flash. Crazy how life works like that! When you’re extremely busy or stressed or whatever the dilemma is life seems to pass us by. That is one thing I hope to accomplish above all this year. Slow down and enjoy the little things in life more.


My intentions for the new year:

  • Try things I normally wouldn’t
    • We get so used to what we know that branching out and trying new things can be scary. For me at least, I have noticed that I do that a lot and don’t allow myself to break out of my own shell!
  • Get back into blogging again
    • Ever since we moved to Birmingham it has been a hard transition to get back into my little love of blogging and what started it all. I hope to change that this year with my new office space here!
  • Stop saying “oh I’ll do that next year”
    • This one is so relatable for all of us I think. It’s so easy to just push things off until it’s convenient for us but most of the time we actually never get around to doing that “thing” whatever it may be.
  • Exercise more and take Allie for longer walks/play dates at the park
    • Exercising is pretty big on my list since working from home. It’s so easy to get into a lazy routine with little to no exercise especially when you do everything at home. I want to keep up with my health and get back to the gym on a regular basis. And Allie needs to do the same according to her vet haha!
  • Stop worrying about the little things
    • Any over thinkers out there? Me too. If there is one thing I learned from this past year (2021) is that you stress yourself out more when you worry.
  • Remind myself that I control my own happiness
    • Someone once told me this and it made such a world of difference to me. When you’re feeling stuck or unsure jus remember this little phrase. You truly are the only person who can control your happiness so make sure to cut out anything that is bringing you down or making things harder for you. Fill your life with the things that make you happy and bring joy.

I hope this was helpful in case you are making a new years resolution list too! Let me know what you plan on working on this year too.

As always,
Love Nickole