Need some Halloween costume inspo? I got you covered! Dressing up for Halloween is one of my favorite things to do to get into the spirit. From Belle to Rachel Green and Sarah Sanderson to Cruella De Vil – I’ve done a lot. Twenty costumes to be exact! Halloween has always been such a fun time for me from such an early age. My family has always enjoyed this holiday together and I have some of the best memories as a kid dressing up and going trick-or-treating. It’s also the kick off to the best time of year/holiday season and I swear my mood changes once September rolls around. I love celebrating BIG for the holidays and am so happy I can share my love for it with all of you. Now let’s start on those Halloween costumes for YOU this year! Scroll below to see what you can recreate this year for the Halloween season.


“So no one told you life was gonna be this way.” – Friends

This Rachel Green costume is so easy to recreate and something everyone will get right away! I get a lot of questions about my apron and where I got it from but the truth is I just found an old ruffled apron, printed out the Central Perk logo from Google and used fabric tape to keep it on the apron all night long. Complete this look with some of Rachel’s props like an old coffee pot, a mug or a notepad to take down all those coffee orders.


A hero vs. villain moment is always fun to do!

I enlisted the help of Bobby for this one and contrary to his Gaston facial expression seen here he was excited! Gaston is his favorite Disney character and we really just had fun with this. I think what tied it all together was finding this perfect location/backdrop which helped us out too with the final picture. Don’t forget your Belle props like a woven basket and some good books you know she’s always reading!


Amuck, amuck, amuck! – Sarah, Hocus Pocus

Witches are cool! Especially the Hocus Pocus ones and getting to recreate my version of Sarah was so fun. We took pictures at the entrance of a cemetery to complete the entire scene/look and I found the perfect weather witch broom as a prop.


The Wizard of Oz is such a great idea to recreate because there are so many different characters you can be! As a family you could be all the main characters following the yellow brick road such as Dorothy, the cowardly lion, tin man, scarecrow etc. For our Wizard of Oz idea we just stuck to Glinda the Good Witch and her sister the Wicked Witch of West – which my youngest niece helped me out with and couldn’t wait to be painted green for! I get a lot of questions on my Glinda crown since it is such a unique item to complete the look. At the time of this costume I couldn’t find a Glinda crown online that I loved so I decided to make my own with construction paper, hot glue and some craft store jewels. I recommend making at least one piece of your costume because it adds a unique element and its so fun to get involved in something crafty during the season.


It’s supercalifragilistic! Mary Poppins has always been such a favorite character of mine and I love how many different costume versions I have seen people to do with her. From her big white and red dress to this opening scene look you could really have a lot of fun making Mary Poppins come to life. I kept mine simple – using items I already had in my closet to bring this costume together. Don’t forget your umbrella props and a never ending Mary Poppins bag!


After watching the dark/thriller movie The Black Swan I knew I needed to recreate this costume with an easy makeup look. This black swan makeup inspired by Natalie Portman’s role in the movie took me about 10 minutes to do and it was so worth it! Finish it off with a black tiara, a feathery top or dress and a low ballerina bun.


The classic bed sheet ghost is a must for a funny costume ‑ pet or human! I always try to incorporate a Halloween costume for me and Allie to do together and this is such a classic/easy costume that will never go out of style. Simply grab an old white bed sheet you have in the antic, cut some holes out for your eyes and you’re done!! I have also seen people hot glue some black felt circles for eyes as well. Again make it your own and have fun with it!


With the new Tim Burton Wednesday Addams show coming to fruition this year I knew I had to recreate this iconic gothic character. Wednesday is cunning and a bit morbid at times but overall incredibly witty and her personality shines through each film. Lucky for us… with such a robust personality the costume itself isn’t all that hard to put together. Find a black dress fitting for Wednesday’s character, a white collard shirt and braid your hair! Bonus if you already have dark hair or in my case – a wig was in order.


This Disney classic was remade into the live action film MALEFICENT and has been an incredible costume to see every Halloween. Recreating Angelina Jolie’s version of Maleficent was so exciting to do and I definitely got into character for these photos. But making it your own and putting your own spin on it will make it all the more fun come Halloween night!


If you’re in need of a last minute Halloween costume and the time is ticking – this is it! Mad Scientists of Midtown was our last minute go-to halloween costume one year and it turned out amazing. We found some old white lab coats, red fake blood paint and just had fun with it splattering the fake blood all over the lab coats the night before. We completed our look with some fake scars/makeup and steam punk goggles. Our trick-or-treaters that year were weary of us!!!


Recreating Carrie Bradshaw from the infamous show Sex and the City has always been a dream! This simple yet iconic look can be seen in so many different ways but it all comes down to Carries white tulle skirt and pink tank top from the shows theme/intro song. I was able to recreate this costume while in New York City and snap a photo in front of the apartment they used to film for Carrie on the show. It was an epic day to say the least!


Like I mentioned before I always try to do a fun pet costume and incorporate Allie into my Halloween costumes each year. We went with this shark costume we found for her and I dressed up as a mermaid for Halloween night. It was cute to see her run around the yard in her shark costume all night long!


You already know I love dressing up as a witch and like I said before there are so many different ways and versions to go about it. I decided to recreate another witch look with this magical astrology dress and I never felt WITCHIER!!! I definitely think finding the right witchy dress will pull your look together in the end. Don’t forget your witch props like a broom, witch hat, pointy boots and a black cat if you have one!


Dia De Los Muertos is the Day of the Dead on November 1 and it is a Mexican holiday where families welcome back the souls of their deceased relatives for a brief reunion that includes food, drink and celebration. I wanted to recreate the fabulous makeup look and give homage to my spanish-american heritage/ancestors on my moms side. It is such a beautiful tradition and often gets over looked in America since Halloween is the day before. Recreating this makeup look took about 10 min and it’s helpful if you can find a Dia De Los Muertos mask too!


Another fun pet costume! Clearly I love doing these every Halloween. This idea came to me when we saw the hot dog costume in the store for Allie. I knew I could make something quick and easy at home to match Allie’s dog costume. Similar to the Rachel Green costume – I just printed the Heinz ketchup logo from Google and fabric tapped it to a red dress I already had. Then I folded a piece of red construction paper to look like the nozzle of a ketchup bottle. I glued the construction paper to the top of a plastic headband I already had and that completed the look! This costume also kept Allie very warm this year because our Halloween night dropped down to 42 degrees that evening… chilly chilly chilly!!!


“Into the woods. Into the woods.”

You wont catch me going to Grandmother’s house on Halloween night! All jokes aside I LOVED this costume. Unlike my other looks this entire costume was found/bought online. I couldn’t find anything particular in my closet that I already had to use or thrift store so I cheated this year and bought my costume but it turned out cute and adding some props made all the difference.


If she doesn’t scare you… no evil thing will! Cruella is such a fun Halloween costume to put together and this one definitely had my own spin on it. I got lucky and found this vintage coat in my mom’s closet from the 80’s so I knew I had to be Cruella when I saw it. To complete the look don’t forget about your props like a Dalmatian stuffed animal, red gloves, her iconic black and white hair/wig and a smoking pipe.


Whether you love Hermione, Ron or Harry get into the Gryffindor spirit this year! I always love dressing up as a Gryffindor and it definitely gets me into the halloween spirit each season. The nice thing about these characters and the world of Harry Potter is you can make this costume your own as long as you stick to the color palette, grab a wand and maybe even a Hogwarts cloak!


Calling all Gossip Girl fans!! Meet ya at the steps of the MET. Serena from the infamous show Gossip Girl is a classic character to recreate. Find your old school clothes if you have them and whip this look together. It really is that easy and would be so cute for a Halloween party with friends.


Another last minute costume Bobby and I put together quick for Halloween night! Bobby has always loved the movie Shrek and all we needed was ogre ears to complete the look for him. You could always go the extra mile and paint your face green but for the sake of time we just put our ears on and found similar clothing items to match these on-screen characters. Bonus if you say “Get out me swamp” all night long!




I hope these Halloween costumes give you all the inspiration you need! This is always such a special time and fully embracing the holiday always makes it more fun and memorable. I encourage you to let loose and dress up as something you’ve always wanted to be. If you end up recreating one of these Halloween costumes let me know – I would love to see what y’all come up with. Happy Halloween and have a wonderfully fun spooky season.

As always,