My 10 Must Have iPhone Apps

In the age of iPhone mania, I am always on my phone. Whether its for work, personal life, entertainment etc. I always have that 8s plus, rose gold colored phone on me and 9 times out of 10 its in my hand.

In the line of work I’m in (PR, marketing, advertising etc.) being on your phone is apart of the hustle and on my personal time when I’m blogging its no different. Some of you may think, “god thats insane” but I wouldn’t have it any other way. So if you’re like me and are joined at the hip with your iPhone take a look at my 10 favorite iPhone apps I love/use daily! 


UNUM is a design platform/layout with built-in specialized analytics & content strategies for your Instagram. I LOVE THIS APP! That’s why I made it number one for you all haha. This app is how I plan out my Instagram feed every month to make sure I’m posting at the most prime time and that my feed looks cohesive/aesthetically pleasing to my liking. It honestly a game changer especially for people like me who like to plan things out! You can download it here.

2. MyRadar

Okay so this one may be odd for some of you but if anyone knows me, they know I love to track the weather. WEIRD, I know haha! But I always have and I check this app every morning. It’s so in-depth unlike any other weather app out there. Its an overall/at-a-glance look at potential weather headed your way. It shows hi-def radars, temperatures, amount/strength of rainfall, national weather alerts, and even a detailed hurricane tracker which has been so important for me living in the southern coast. You can also “favorite” your locations so you can always be updated on changes in your area. You can download it here.

3. Flixster & Trailers

Who doesn’t love going to the see a new film? One of my favorite things is to go to the movie theaters so I had to get an app that showed me literally everything about the cinema. Flixster is my favorite for finding local theaters near me no matter where I am (great for out-of-state travel), showing a list of theaters with their showtimes and available movies. You can download FLIXSTER here. Meanwhile, Trailers shows a list of new movies for the entire year!!! It provides a summary, trailer, pictures, list of actors, release date and the option to “favorite” a movie/make a list within the app. I love this app because it helps me to see when new movies are coming out so I can make my list and plan ahead. You can download TRAILERS here.

4. RetailMeNot

This app has been so helpful for me! Whether I’m online shopping or in-store I always check this app for coupons, sales & discount codes! 8 out of 10 times I find something at whatever store I’m shopping at that discounts my purchases. It really is so helpful and easy to use! All you do is type in the store you’re shopping at and a list of online & in-store coupons pops up with bar codes that your cashier can scan or codes you enter online. You can download it here!

5. Dream Days

Another one for you planners out there! I love counting down days to special events like holidays, trips, the weekend (haha) etc. Dream Days is a fun and personal count down app for all your special events. You can set the date, time, location, event, a feature image and push notifications so that you know how many days are left for your “Dream Day”. You can download it here!

6. Kira Kira +

This is such a fun app especially for the holidays which are coming up so I thought I’d add it to the list. Kira Kira is a photo editing app that adds a little extra shimmer to your photos. Quite literally… its a filter that makes your photo sparkle. Perfect for those holiday pics with champagne or christmas lights! Last year I used for my New Years Eve themed photos and everyone asked me how I got the effect. You can download it here.

7. Lightroom

Since we’re on the topic of photo editors, I use Lightroom  I use this app to edit all my photos with my own preset. Currently, I’ve been using my fall preset that I made for all my photos. The app allows you to adjust multiple things on your photo. From exposure to saturation and sharpness to grain it honestly has it all. I usually edit my photos on my laptop with the Lightroom adobe app but sometimes if I don’t have my laptop with me the mobile version works just as well. You can download it here!

8. Spotify

For years now I’ve been using Spotify for all my music needs! I love this app so much! I have the Spotify Premium which allows me to access my music & playlists anywhere online or offline & it plays with no ads. However, the free version is just as wonderful. Spotify has been a game changer for me because I don’t have to pay a $1.99 for every song like iTunes. You can download it here!

9. Snake VS Block

This is app is a game and I’m totally addicted haha. I found out about it through Bobby, my boyfriend, who was totally into it too. Its so easy to play and really helps pass the time like when you’re at the airport waiting for a flight. All you do is avoid the highest number blocks and collect as many yellow circles as possible! You can download it here.

10. Typorama

Typorama is a font based app that allows you to type on top of your photos with different fonts, colors & sizes. I use this app all the time for my Instagram stories. Its really easy and fun to use! You can download it here.


I hope you all liked my 10 must have iPhone apps and that they were helpful to you! Comment below if you’d like to see more posts like this. Let me know what apps are your favorite!

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